Shogun and Geisha Dunnys (Onsale Info)

Well, if you are already into toys, or just starting to get there, mark tomorrow morning on your calendar, as it marks one of the more exciting toy releases in awhile. Tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) at 11am EST, Kidrobot will release the super limited Shogun and Geisha Dunnys by Huck Gee. These will be produced in two colorways (red and blue), with only 300 sets of each color being produced. The red will be availabe exclusively at, while the blue will be at a handful of select retailers, for a full list Click Here. Though they are $100 each, these Dunnys will be very hard to get ahold of, and they should go FAST. Be on your toes, visit tomorrow morning at 11am EST.

Sorry if anyone missed out on this due to me putting both EST and PST in this post by accident.  It’s a one man show over here, and I try to operate mistake free, but it’s impossible to not make small ones every once in awhile.  If you missed it because of me, I truly apologize. 

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  1. 11 am EST or 11am PST?
    I need to plan my day 😉

  2. Yeah nice job it was 11am est

  3. Whoops, sorry people. Noone’s perfect. All you had to do was click on the link to see it was EST.

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