Onsale Info For New Emek Posters

Taking a non-traditional approach, Emek will be accepting emails and compiling a list to sell his two new posters for The Melvins and Peeping Tom. Tomorrow, Monday April 30, simply send an email to Emek@Emek.net at noon PST with the subject line “Melvins Purchase” or “Peeping Tom Purchase”, and they will be taken and responded to first-come, first-served. Visit Emek.net for more info.

3 Responses to “Onsale Info For New Emek Posters”

  1. I would like to take credit for this when it is sold out.
    I have informed everyone I have ever met, or chatted with on-line.

    Youre welcome EB!

  2. You do realize it says it right on his website right?

  3. This was a massive clusterfuck.

    EB lurkers/flippers are schlongmongers.

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