Converge Poster by Aaron Horkey Onsale Info

If you missed out on today’s release at Deathwish, don’t worry, you’ve still got a chance.  This Monday, Burlesque Design will release their allottment of both the white and black versions of Horkey’s Converge poster.  Both will go on sale at noon CST, but there is a catch:  If you want the black version, you will have to purchase it in a set.  The sets come with the white version, the black version, and your choice of a Horkey t-shirt or hoodie.  The pricing is as follows:

Converge White Version:  $50

Set #1 (White Version, Black Version, T-Shirt) :  $110

Set #2 (White Version, Black Version, Hoodie) : $140

To purchase visit Burlesque Design Monday, April 30 at noon CST. 

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