New Brian Ewing Print: “Dessert Sessions”

The ultra-talented Brian Ewing just released a brand new screenprint, and it kills. “Dessert Sessions” is a 13″ x 16″ print, signed/numbered in a tiny edition of 35. These were produced for Giant Robot’s Printed Matter 2 show, but Ewing saved some back for the hardcore print-heads. $50 will buy you your own hot zombie girl. Don’t sleep. Visit to purchase.

3 Responses to “New Brian Ewing Print: “Dessert Sessions””

  1. Make it stop!!!!

  2. Not sure if I like this color scheme as much as the original QotSA show poster
    he did. I sorta want to buy it, though. The art rocks.

    Oh, and you left out an ‘s’ in Dessert.

  3. Yes, my bad, I did. Fixed.

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