Blaine Fontana “The Metamorphosis Orchestra” Print Now Available

Limited Addiction Gallery has now released the superb new 26″ x 40″ 9 color screenprint by Blaine Fontana called “The Metamorphosis Orchestra.”  Since I’ve covered this print twice now, I won’t go over everything again, but this is definitely a print worth owning.  Get your $100 together and head over to Limited Addiction Gallery.

3 Responses to “Blaine Fontana “The Metamorphosis Orchestra” Print Now Available”

  1. Hi is this print available? How do I go about ordering? Please contact asap as I am looking to purchase as a gift. Thanks!

  2. Really really really searching high and low for a print of Metamorphosis Orchestra!!! Please help me find one! Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction of a seller! Best Regards, Geina

  3. I got one here for you right now!!

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