Kidrobot Tattoo Dunny: Official!!


Since the last post with leaked pictures from the Tattoo Dunny series, Kidrobot has released all of the official info about the series.  The names involved and the packaging are sure to excite the tattoo enthusiasts.

Info from Kidrobot:

Dunny gets inked! 12 amazing tattoo artists from around the country sharpen their needles for this ultra limited Dunny series curated by The Baroness. The Tattoo Dunny series will make a speedy and permanent mark on Kidrobot and your collection with designs by BJ Betts, Joe Capobianco, Nick Baxter, Civ, Kevin Starai, Eric Newman, Dave Fox, Matt Rinks, Shane O’Neill, Eric Merrill, Grez, and Hannah Aitchison. Some designs are limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.
Each Dunny is strapped with a tattoo gun and temporary tattoo packaged in a box adorned with a classic flash pattern designed by Civ. A series for the Dunny and tattoo addict alike. $6.95 each. 

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  1. does anyone have the nick baxter tattoo dunny?

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