Art Prints by Feric

Feric (aka Eric Feng) has a number of beautiful giclee prints available on his site.  None of them are editions of more than 100, and they are printed on really nice watercolor rag paper.  They do tend to be pricey, but unlike alot of prints out today, they actually look as expensive as they cost.  […]

A Few More Art-Related Videos

There are a few really great art-related videos on These are some of my favorites that I’ve come across, so take a couple of minutes and check these out. Poster Art (Emek, AndyDiesel, Tara McPherson, etc): Behind the Obey Giant (A Visit to Shepard’s House, Some Pasting, etc):

Kaws Cat Teeth Bank Available at Toy Tokyo

If you missed the green Kaws Cat Teeth Bank, it is now up at  At $64.95, it is pretty close to the original Kaws retail of $70 shipped.  They probably won’t be up long, so do your thang.   Click Here.

New D*Face Prints and Show Pictures

Romanywg from the D*Face Fans Forum was nice enough to post a whole load of amazing pics from the D*Face solo show in Brighton. Two new prints were debuted, along with loads of other mind-blowing art. Here are the prints, but visit the D*Face forum to see the pictures from the show. The Prints: Cli […]

Evan Hecox Prints at Arkitip

Arkitip has some really great Evan Hecox prints available.  Dude is on the rise, so definitely try to grab a print or two before he blows up much bigger.  All of the prints are screenprints, have low editions, are signed/numbered, and are reasonably priced.  To view all of their prints, visit Arkitip. Tokyo Fish Market […]


TragicMagicHead, aka Shan Michael Evans, has some great prints up on his site. All are professionally printed giclees, and are very affordable. To view the whole lineup, and to purchase, visit his site. Squid Soldier 8″ x 12″, Edition of 20, $60: Pajama Flight 8″ x 12″, Edition of 20, $60: Prayer Monks 11″ x […]

New Kozik Anarchy Qee Series

Toy2R just announced their new all=Kozik, all-anarchy Qee series that will drop in June or July of this year.   These will be around $8 a piece, blind boxed, and should be a very hot series.  Also, a special rare version will drop at San Diego Comic-Con.  Stay tuned for more info!

Next Up For Obey: Studio Number One “Tools of the Trade”

This Tuesday, Obey will release the first print by Studio Number One’s Jason Filipow (he has also achieved rock star status over at  The print will be signed by both Jason and Shepard, and there will be 250 available.  Same time, same place.  Be at Obey Giant Tuesday at noon PST.

New Jeremy Fish Shirts by Upper Playground/Fifty24SF

Upper Playground and Fifty24SF just dropped four new shirt designs by Jeremy Fish.  UP has really been on a role this year, as has Fish.  Their shirts run $24 each, and are of very high quality.  Have a look through the whole collection, as they have designs by Sam Flores, Faile, David Choe, and more.  […]

Kenzo Minami 8″ Dunny Release Info

Do you have a Kidrobot message board account?  Put it to good use on April 5th at noon EST, when Kidrobot will announce instructions to purchase the 8″ Kenzo Dunny.  It will be $49.95, and the only stipulation is you had to have a message board account before today.  They will post explicit instructions, and […]

Banksy Prints Back Up

The Banksy “Morons” print has been going from sold out, to available, to sold out again.  If you are looking for any one version, sit on the site and reload the page you are looking for.  Chances are, it will pop back up.  Visit POW.

Tado Print Release Tomorrow!

Tado, two of the UK’s most respected toy/grahpic designers, will be releasing a new print tomorrow, Friday March 30, at  This is their first screenprint (they usually print giclee), and it turned out great.  7 screens total (6 colors plus a spot varnish), printed by Burlesque Design.  Half of the edition of 80 will […]

New Posters Up at Drowning Creek Studios

Drowning Creek has released three new concert posters today, and they were long overdue for release.  All three of these look pretty great, and DCS stuff always looks better in person.  Jump on these, their stuff often goes fast.  To purchse, visit Umphrey’s McGee 15″ x 22″, Edition of 500, $40: Jam in the […]

Alamo Drafthouse “Hot Fuzztival” Poster by Tyler Stout

The Alamo Drafthouse is an amazing theater in Austin, TX, and they are about the only people making screenprinted movie-related posters.  Tyler Stout pumped out this amazing piece of nostalgia for the Hot Fuzztival, and it probably won’t be around for long.  All of the other posters Stout has done for the Drafthouse have gone […]

Obey A-Trak Prints Up

Looks like Digital Gravel has released the Obey A-Trak prints. They seem to have 7 in stock right now, so hurry up. $40, signed/numbered. Click here to purchase.