Daniel Danger’s New Print

Dan Danger’s new print, “Sink or swim so cautiously, my breath is just falling out of me”, is finally a reality. Daniel has been working on releasing this print for a couple of years now, and it looks like it is going to be worth the wait. He has an amazing process page, documenting each […]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Poster

I’m† usually not into movie posters at all, but this one really floored me.† Adult Swim is constantly inventive and creative, and this poster is downright awesome.† These haven’t been released yet, but when they hit sites, there will be an update here.

Gnarls Barkley Lithograph Prints

There are some wonderful album-related prints available in the Gnarls Barkley store.† Each are numbered out of 250, and they are $40 each.† To purchae, or for more info, visit the store.

Methane Studios 2007

2007 has seen some amazing posters by Methane Studios so far. Their style is constantly evolving, and their stuff just keeps getting better and better. Be on the lookout for these new ones, normally available right after the show dates. Visit their site for more details.

Ferg Art Prints

Clay Ferguson, (aka Ferg), has been producing some sick art prints as of late. You may also know Ferg as the founder of Jamungo, or the creator of the Sqube. Here are a few of his latest prints. He prints in super small editions, usually less than 10, so punctuality is important. To get in […]

Audrey Kawasaki Prints

Audrey Kawasaki is one of the hottest new artists in the world. She has a few really, really beautiful giclees available on her site, and they carry the very reasonable price of $120-180 each. Her work is sure to appreciate in value as her star rises further. Here are a few that are available on […]

Gama-Go Crew Poker Print

Gama-Go just released this awesome giclee print today, featuring some of Tim Biskup’s famous characters.† The prints measure 16 X 14 and are embossed and numbered.† Edition of only 50, and $120.† Grab one now at Gama-Go!

Tim Biskup’s Big Pollard “Vermillion Bros.” #2

This cool little piece of kaiju magic will be released this Friday, Februray 23 at 11am PST at Flopdoodle. Not very many will be sold online, as most will be sold at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con. Here is more info about the figure: Big Pollard is the newest figure in Tim Biskupís Alphabeast series. […]

Beasts! Fantagraphics Print Set at Tiny Showcase

In celebration of the release of “Beasts!”, a Jacob Covey Fantagraphics book containing hundreds of drawings of mythological creatures by some of today’s greatest artists, Tiny Showcase has relesed an amazing 10 print set featuring work from some of the artists involved. Each one is a beautiful hand-crafted letterpress print, and each is in an […]

2007: Jay Ryan posters so far

Jay Ryan has gotten out to an awe-inspring start in 2007 so far. Here are his first four posters of the year, each is available at The Bird Machine for $20-30.

New Aaron Horkey Skateboard Decks by Flip

Aaron Horkey has been working on a number of mind-blowing decks for Flip Skateboards.† Here are a few pictures.† Simply plug the names of the decks into Google to find them for sale at various sites, or check your local spots.

Kozyndan’s “Uprisings”

Stumbled across this wonderful print by Kozyndan called “Uprisings”. It is an omage to the Hokusai Wave print, but with obvious changes. The print is available as an offset in an unlimited, signed edition for only $15. Visit the site for this and other great prints.

Final Obey Chuck D Update with Details

Final details about the Obey Chuck D print have been revelead: The print will be released this Tuesday, February 20, and will be priced at $50. Unlike Obey’s normal edition size of 300, 400 of these will be produced. The print will be signed by Chuck D, Shepard Fairey, and Ernesto Yerena (an intern that […]

FluffyBadBad Back In Stock!

FulffyBadBad, one of the most creative plush figures to come out in awhile, has been restocked. These little beauties have metal jaws, allowing them to clamp down on just about anything. Less than 50 have been put up for sale, so they will probably go very fast. The initial allottment disappeared almost instantly. Each one […]

More Pink Teeters!

Kidrobot seems to have mysteriously restocked the pink Teeter. Still $40, still awesome. ClickHere!