Why you should never use UPS to ship a poster:

Examine the visual evidence.  This is what happened to a very, very strong Yazoo Mills tube that I received IN A BOX with other tubes.  UPS’ ability to destroy a tube never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. was there a poster in the tube? or did this just happen when you were getting an order of tubes? i had custom-ordered some tubes a few months ago, and they were shipped by UPS. well, i don’t know what happened along the way, but some package that contained dark, inky black stuff (looked like a huge amount of ballpoint pen ink) had exploded all over the back of the truck, including my box of tubes. luckily, there were only two casualties among the 40-or-so tubes i had ordered, but i can’t imagine what else in the truck had been damaged by the gross substance.

  2. Yeah, it was an order of tubes. Luckily no poster was in there.

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