Ox-Op Series 3 Qees

At the beginning of March, Ox-Op Gallery in Minneapolis will drop their new series of the popular 2.5″ Qee. There are a number of impressive artists involved, so these are sure to be a sucess. It’s good to see artists normally known for prints/posters involved in this, (i.e. Aaron Horkey and Aesthetic Apparatus), as well as toy regulars like Joe Ledbetter and Jeff Soto. If toys are your thing, these are a must. If not, give them a try, they might grow on you. Keep an eye on the Ox-Op site for more info.

Also, this image has been floating around Gigposters.com, which means Aesthetic Apparatus are planning to release an accompanying art print. No news on this yet, but keep an eye on this page, as well as the Aesthetic Apparatus site.

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