Jacob Bannon “Jane Doe” Art Print.

The album cover for “Jane Doe”, Converge’s most legendary album to date, has always been a fan favorite. It has now been turned into screenprint magic. Wezz from Burlesque design handled the sepping and printing, and it seems to have turned out amazing. The print is a giant 26 X 34, with six colors of transparent inks. $35, edition of 450, these probably won’t last long. Here are pics of the print, as well as some screenshots of the separations:

These can be found in the estore at Deathwish Inc. Furthermore, they have a few of the Aaron Horkey Converge posters from the last tour hanging around. Don’t sleep.

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  1. i have been looking for this poster/print for the longest time. i have searched deathwish ebay/craigs list ect. ect. do you have this print where i can order it?

    please let me know.


  2. it was a limited run that sold out.
    i’d periodically check ebay. as i
    see them crop up around the
    release / sell out of new bannon

  3. i’m selling mine.

  4. Dane, how much?

    i’ll buy.

  5. i’m not sure yet. but i won’t be selling it cheap.

  6. also am selling the coverge/neurosis ‘red edition’ print if interested. I need $$$ for tattoos.

  7. not selling it for cheap is fine by me. name a price and i will happily negotiate. do you have an email i could contact you at?

    get them tats son

  8. dane_metcalfe@hotmail.com

    send me a msg and we’ll go over some prices.

  9. i sent you an email

    respond whenever you get a chance :)

  10. Dane,
    I WILL buy Jane Doe. How much do you want for it.
    Please emaI me ASAP. Thanks!!!!

  11. Is it sold ?

  12. I have a limited edition of the jacon bannon jane doe poster, i don’t know the number off hand but i will sell it, if the price is right, i have someone interested so if you want it, let me know a price and i’ll consider it.

  13. i have one for sale on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230313605782

  14. If anyone have a Jane Doe print to sell, i’ll buy it
    send and e-mail to seix4s@hotmail.com


  15. I am thinking of selling my copy of this print. Is anyone still looking for it?

  16. to Dave – I’m looking for one of these.

  17. If anyone has a copy of this and is wanting to sell, hit me up – colin.callaghan@hotmail.com

  18. Anyone selling one of these? I’m willing to pay the price.
    Contact me on


  19. Looking for one of these prints..

    contact me : peterleknius@hotmail.com

  20. Also looking for a Jane Doe print.

  21. Also looking for a Jane Doe print!


  22. Willing to pay like $200 for a Jane Doe print. Email me if you want to sell yours. taylorbamrick@yahoo.com

  23. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to sell my following Bannon silkscreens:

    1. Jane Doe Silkscreen print (*make an offer*)
    2. Converge/Neurosis Seattle Silkscreen print in red ($115)
    3. Trap Them ‘Seizures In Barren Praise’ Silkscreen print in silver ($120)

    All prints are in absolute 100% mint condition and will be happy to provide pictures of them.

  24. Dane, I’d be able to offer $200 right now for the Jane Doe print

  25. Interesting, I put my seizures print on Ebay for $20 starting price and it only went up to about $50 in the end. Also, Jake is doing another special 100 print run of the Jane Doe image, and he’s custom painting over each one so they’re all unique. Should be up soon.

  26. I am interested on the following..

    Jane Doe Silkscreen print
    No Heroes (Inhale light /exhale darkness)

    Anyone knows where to get or would be interested in selling???
    Whats up with that special 100 print run of the Jane Doe image??

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