Tara McPherson 8″ Bubble Yucky Dunny at Kidrobot

After a chaotic day, I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the Tara McPherson Dunnys that came out this morning at Kidrobot are still in stock. This is one of my favorite 8″ designs yet. They come in two colors, pink and blue, and are distributed 50/50 blind. The edition is 2000, the […]

New Tara McPherson Art Print: Death Metal Girl

Tara McPherson just released her image from last year’s High on Fire poster as an art print. This screenprint has an edition of only 100, and the price is $100. Tara is huge right now, this is definitely worth grabbing. Visit TaraMcPherson.com to purchase.

Tara McPherson Hellboy Qee

Looks like Tara McPherson will be doing a variant of the 8″ Hellboy Qee.  Her version is limited to 450 and will cost $79.99.  This doesn’t come out till August 15, and you can bet that I will update you all with any info as it comes in.  Enjoy.

New Prints By Tara McPherson

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 15), Diesel Fuel Prints will release a handful of new prints by Tara McPherson.  These include Tara’s Kings of Leon poster (regular and variant) and the Snake Charmer art print.  In addition, DIesel will re-release 12 of Tara’s one color line art prints in new colors.  These are awesome if you are […]

Kings of Leon Poster by Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson just released images of a brand new concert poster for Kings of Leon. This stunning beauty will be available in a regular version, as well as a blue variant. The show is on May 2, so keep your eyes on TaraMcPherson.com and Dieselfuelprints.com after the show date to purchase.

Release Reminder: Tara McPherson’s Ace and Ion

Don’t forget, these release tomorrow, Thursday March 29, at 11am EST on Kidrobot. Find all the info here. Click here to purchase.

Tara McPherson DRDC Print: The Finished Product

Behold, 18 layers. Almost sold out, only 3 left. Go to The Decoder Ring to purchase.

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Up For Sale

The Decoder Ring has started selling the Tara McPherson fine art print. It is $260 shipped, 22″ x 30″, and an edition of 100. To purchase, click here. The print will total 17 colors, here is where it’s at so far (14 down).

Tara McPherson’s “Ace and Ion” Vinyl Figure Set by Kidrobot

On Thursday, March 29th, Kidrobot will release Tara Mcpherson’s “Ace and Ion”, a flocked vinyl two figure set. These figures are straight out of Tara’s paintings, and have translated very well onto vinyl. There are 1500 of these total, and they will be $39.99 for the set. Usual Thursday release time at Kidrobot is 11am […]

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process

In the interest of having only one post about this, I am going to converge the entire process into this entry. I will update it as it continues, so keep checking back to this post. This is the print process for the Tara McPherson x Decoder Ring Design Concern series print. They are aiming for […]

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process (Pt. 3)

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Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process (Pt. 2)

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Tara McPherson’s DRDC Print: The Process (Pt. One)

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Decoder Ring Design Print Series 2007 Lineup Released

The Decoder Ring Design Concern has announced their 2007 lineup for their famous print series. If you are not familiar, the boys at DRDC fly artists down to design, separate, and print multi, multi color screenprints, usually more than ten colors. It is really an amazing project, and the 2007 lineup is awe-inspiring. So, enough […]