New Art Prints at

Three previously featured and sold out prints have surfaced at These all went so fast that many fans probably missed them the first time around, and at only $25 each, they are still a steal. Leia Bell’s Baby Sea Turtles and Octopus prints are up, as is Tyler Stout’s Migration print. There are only […]

New Leia Bell Art Prints

Leia Bell just put two really great new art prints up on her site.  I’d expect both of these to go fast, and she has been raising prices when prints get close to selling out, so move fast.  Visit to purchase. Baby Sea Turtles 12.5″ x 18.5″, 4 color screenprint, Edition of 105, $15: […]

Flatstock 12 Promo Posters

It is a tradition: If you are an artist attending Flatstock, you make a poster, and you make sure that it is badass. Here are a few of the posters that will be debuting at the convention in Austin later this week. To purchase, either visit the artist’s booth, or watch their website after the […]

Leia Bell “Melancholy Turtle” (2nd Edition)

Leia Bell has released a second version of her popular Melancholy Turtle print. The colors have been changed up, and this version really looks nice. Best of all, it’s only $15 right now. If you don’t have any room on your wall for turtles, surely you know someone who does. Visit Leia’s site to purchase, […]