Tara McPherson 8″ Bubble Yucky Dunny at Kidrobot

After a chaotic day, I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the Tara McPherson Dunnys that came out this morning at Kidrobot are still in stock. This is one of my favorite 8″ designs yet. They come in two colors, pink and blue, and are distributed 50/50 blind. The edition is 2000, the […]

Kidrobot Dunny Series 4 Comes Out Today!

Well, today is the day.  Kidrobot is poised to release their most impressive series of the Dunny yet, and it should be a mad scramble.  The 3″ figures, this time by artists such as Tara McPherson, Mike Davis, Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Michael Michael Motorcycle, and a bunch more, are sure to be […]

Pirate Teeter by Joe Ledbetter

Yes, I know that I’m about 7 hours late on this, but at least there are still some left for me to talk about.  Kidrobot released this brand new 6″ Teeter by Joe Ledbetter, this being the pirate version.  The edition is 700, the price is $49.95.  To purchase, visit Kidrobot.com.

Sket One “Kong” Series Four Signed Dunny Available

Sket One’s flocked Kong Dunny from the upcoming series four is now available in very short supply from Sket himself. These will be very rare (the ratio on them is 1/48), and these are a steal at only $40. Sket has also offered to sign them, either on the box or the figure.  There are […]

Joe Ledbetter’s Finders Keepers Series

JLED’s new mini series, Finders Keepers, will go on sale this morning, and you have a couple of different options.  Kidrobot will release their share at 11am EST.  They are $7.95 each, or $159/case.  The second option, which is more beneficial but will also be more chaotic, is to visit Joe’s site at noon PST […]

Insa 8″ Dunny Release at Kidrobot Tomorrow

Kidrobot will release an 8″ Dunny by UK artist Insa tomorrow morning.  It is outfitted in a custom hoodie, and this thing is looking pretty weird.  The run is 1800 pieces, the price is $49.95.  1 in every 6 boxes contains the white chase figure.  If you are interested, hit up Kidrobot.com tomorrow (Thursday, August […]

Dunny Series 4

The folks at Kidrobot have announced the details on the Series 4 collection of Dunnys.  Artists involved include Baseman, Nico Berry, Jon Burgerman, Dalek, David Flores, Huck Gee, Thomas Han, Shane Jessup, KOA, Frank Kozik, JLED, MAD, Mad Barabarians, Tara McPherson, MIST, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Sket One, and Twelve Care Pileup.  You might also notice […]

New Kozik Stuff at Kidrobot Tomorrow

Kidrobot will release some things by Frank Kozik tomorrow, including the Glow Bones Labbit and the new Menthol Mongers series.  The Glow Labbit is limited to only 900 pieces, with 1/6 being the black chase.  These should go pretty fast, so be on your game.  The price is $49.95.  In addition, they will release the […]

Shogun and Geisha Dunnys (Onsale Info)

Well, if you are already into toys, or just starting to get there, mark tomorrow morning on your calendar, as it marks one of the more exciting toy releases in awhile. Tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) at 11am EST, Kidrobot will release the super limited Shogun and Geisha Dunnys by Huck Gee. These will be produced […]

New Kozik Releases at Kidrobot

Today Kidrobot will release a handful of new products by Mr. Frank Kozik. First up is the “Jake, the Amazing Smorkin’ Watermelon” pack. The pack contains 5 mini smorkin’ watermelons, including popular Kozik incarnations such as Mao and Anarchy. The set will run $19.95. In addition to those, Kidrobot will also release four new 10″ […]

Today’s Kidrobot Releases

Today (Thursday, May 17) Kidrobot will release two fresh items that are sure to go quickly.  First up is the 8″ Dunny by Frech graf artist DER.  This is limited to 1500 pieces, and will sell for $49.95.  Secondly, Sket One’s Kidrobot 13 “Blackbeard the Pirate” is scheduled to drop.  Only 1000 of these exist, […]

6″ FatCap by Nico Berry

Graf heads rejoice!!  Kidrobot will release a 6″ version of Nico Berry’s True 54 FatCap tomorrow (Thursday, May 3) at 11am EST.  The run on these is only 750, and at $29.95, these will most likely go pretty fast.  To purchase, head over to Kidrobot.com tomorrow morning.

Doma Acid Sweeties Mini Figure Series

Tomorrow at 11am EST, Kidrobot will release a brand new series of mini figs by Doma called Acid Sweeties.  There are 15 seperate plastic figure designs, and they come blind boxed.  The blind boxes run $7.95, with cases of 20 also available.  Hit Kidrobot in the morning, or if you are up late, Rotofugi already […]

Smorkin’ Labbit Giant Stool by Frank Kozik

Kidrobot just released this massive 30″ long fiberglass Labbit stool for a mere (ha) $1,000.  If you have more money than you know what do with, or are a massive Kozik fan, then by all means, you should buy one.  Everyone else, enjoy the pics.  Visit Kidrobot to purchase.

Release Reminder: Kidrobot 8″ Dunny by Mist

Tomorrow, April 19, Kidrobot will be releasing a new 8″ Dunny by French Graffitti artist Mist.  This is an edition of 1700, with 1/6 being a black chase figure.  The price will be $39.95.  These will go fast, be on top of your game.  Click Here. Release Time:  Thursday, April 19, 11am EST