Jon Smith’s “Slapshot” Poster

Looks like Jon Smith got to do a poster for the Alamo screening of one of his favorite movies, “Slapshot”.  He went all out on this one, and yes, it is a screenprint.  It is 24″ x 36″, printed at D&L, and only $30.  Pick one up now at

New Posters by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just added a handful of new posters to his store.  Included are new works for The Black Angels, Iron and Wine (with Nate Duval), Kids in the Hall, and The Flaming Lips.  They’re all super spiffy screenprints, and cost only $20-25 each.  Visit Jon’s Big Cartel Store. Also, for the print nerds, here’s […]

Exclusive First Look: 1982’s Iron and Wine Poster

Here’s a first look at a brand new Iron and Wine concert poster by 1982 (Jon Smith and Nate Duval).  This is a five color print commemorating a performance in Davenport, IA.  The design is based on the song, “Carousel”.  These will be available in the near future from Jon, Nate, and  Enjoy!

Ten Questions With Jon Smith

In this installment of ten questions, Jon Smith tries to be funny, I post way too many pictures, and you are hopefully entertained at work or home. Age: 25 Location: Maple Leaf, the smallest neighborhood in Seattle. Years Doing Posters: …..three and a half? “I’m not good with linear time” Favorite Poster / Art Print […]

New Jon Smith Posters Available

Jon Smith just dropped a handful of new posters in his BigCartel shop, including his new prints for Ghostland Observatory, QOTSA, and the Black Keys.  As if you weren’t tempted enough, nice guy Jon has decided to included the original Black Keys illustration in a random buyer’s tube, golden ticket style.  Visit

Jon Smith / Nate Duval (1982) Black Keys Poster

Had to post this, absolutely love it.  Brand new Black Keys posters by 1982, this should be dropping sometime soon, as the show is in a couple of days.  I’ll keep you posted. Also, if you’re after Jon’s new Queens of the Stone Age poster, its in the Classifieds.

Lots of New Prints by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just gave me the lowdown on a bunch of new stuff he has available.  Some of it is pretty complicated, but here goes.  He has a very cool $20 art print pack containing including five 8.5″ x 11″ prints.  The print colors vary in each pack, making them all one of a kind.  […]

New Jon Smith / Nate Duval Posters

Jon Smith just posted his impressive new Band of Horses poster, as well as a Ween print that he and Nate Duval collaborated on.  Both of these young dudes are pumping out some great work, and this is some of their best yet.  Visit the Classifieds, each is only $20!

Ghostland Observatory Poster by Jon Smith

Jon Smith has been pumping out some great posters lately, this new Ghostland Observatory one included.  This is a CMY blend with glossy black over the top, should be awesome in person.  You can check out this and a bunch of his other recent stuff at his new Big Cartel shop.

Grizzly Bear Poster by Nate Duval / Jon Smith

When Nate Duval and Jon Smith get together, some pretty cool stuff happens. This Grizzly Bear poster is now available, and it’s some of the craziest use of CMY I’ve seen in awhile. 18″ x 18″, edition of 80, $20. To purchase, visit the Classifieds.

Zoo Lord Special Edition Print by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just released a special second colorway of his Zoo Lord print.  These will only be for sale for a couple of days, then they are off to Flatstock.  With an edition of 20, it is likely that they won’t even make it that far.  16″ x 16″, $25 shipped.  Visit the Classifieds […]

New Prints by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just released two brand new prints, a special second edition of the Pretty Skull print and a sequel called Zoo Lord.  Both of these are now available in the Classifieds. Pretty Skull (Special Second Edition) 16″ x 16″, Edition of 20, $25 Shipped: Zoo Lord 16″ x 16″, Edition of 40, $20 […]