New Jamungo SKLLBUDs

Man, Jamungo is awesome.  These are the two new Skllbud figures by Ferg and TVM that are going to debut at San Diego Comic Con.  If you are lucky enough to be headed out there, be sure to stop by the DKE booth and grab these. Here’s a picture of them with a few other […]

New Jamungo Stuff

Jamungo just released a few sneak peeks at some new stuff, and it is some of their best yet.  First up is another peek at one of the Series 2 BUDS, this one being the clear version of Ferg’s BUD design.  Secondly, a collaborative figure between Jamungo and ThreeZero has been previewed, featuring a sick […]

Sneak Peek at Jamungo’s Bud of the Month Club

Jamungo just released a sneak peek at this awesome figure by Trevor VanMeter (aka VanBeater). “BeaterMan” will be one of the figures included in Jamungo’s upcoming Bud of the Month Club. Word is the club should start in about a month, and it will cost $75 for a 6 month membership.  If this toy is […]

Jamungo Blow Up Dolls Series 2

Vinyl Pulse posted some exciting information about Jamungo’s Blow Up Dolls today.  Apparently, these are on the ship from China, and should land any day now.  This means your favorite toy retailers (Rotofugi, Postersandtoys, etc) should have these relatively soon.  The series will include designs by Frank Kozik, Dalek, Meomi, Destroy Rock City, Gunsho, Little […]

New Jamungo Website + Store Items

Jamungo (Ferg and VanBeater) just launched a brand new website, and also released a number of exclusive items in their store.  Among the relesaes are the clear green Sqube, the Blackout BUD, and a new VanBeater print.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again:  Jamungo is my favorite toy company, hands down.  Show […]

Crappy Cat NES Print by VanBeater (TVM)

VanBeater, one half of the empire known as Jamungo, has recently released a nice new print. This is an 18″ x 24″ Heidelberg-print offset, finished with a protective UV-coating. Signed/numbered edition of $100 prints. $30. Visit VanBeater’s site for more details.

Ferg Art Prints

Clay Ferguson, (aka Ferg), has been producing some sick art prints as of late. You may also know Ferg as the founder of Jamungo, or the creator of the Sqube. Here are a few of his latest prints. He prints in super small editions, usually less than 10, so punctuality is important. To get in […]