MSU Notstock Photos

Minot State University in North Dakota hosted “Notstock” this weekend, an event in which four poster artists (DWITT, Amy Jo, Dan from Aesthetic Apparatus, and Punchgut) screenprinted on site, sold prints, and talked to students about the poster art world.  A bunch of photos are online, as well as some links to local news coverage […]

Aesthetic Apparatus’ “Death Takes A Holiday” Poster

Minneapolis’ own Aesthetic Apparatus tackled the job of working up a poster for an Alamo Drafthouse screening of the 1930’s film “Death Takes A Holiday”.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the film that “Meet Joe Black” was a remake of.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, signed/numbered, and $30.  Mondo will […]

New Art Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

When not busy creating amazing concert posters, Aesthetic Apparatus are constantly adding to their DoomDrips series of art prints.  These new additions to the series are all awesome, and very reasonable ($20 each).  Head over to

New Art Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

The guys Aesthetic Apparatus are coninuing their awesome Doomdrips print series.  They produced two brand new letterpress mini prints, available for only $20 a pair.  In addition, the Doom Missle print is a GIANT 40″ x 13″ screenprint for only $35.  To check out this stuff, as well as the entire Doomdrips series, visit

New Posters and Art Prints at Aesthetic Apparatus

Minnesota’s own Aesthetic Apparatus has been pumping out some great posters and art prints lately, so it’s time for you to get up to date.  Their work is all very beautiful in person.  The best part is that all of these are only $20 each, can’t really beat that.  Visit to check everything out.

Aesthetic Apparatus Doom Room 100 Art Print

AA just keeps bringing the fire with their Doomdrips series of art prints.  I just got a couple things from them in the mail and I can tell you, their work never disappoints.  This one is 19″ x 25″, signed/numbered in an edition of 130.  The price is only $20.  Visit to purchase.

New Art Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus just released some brand new art prints, wowzers.  Two new prints from the Doomdrips series are up, available individually for $20 or as a set for $35.  In addition, they also printed a new large version of their popular Postsynaptic Profile print.  To check em out, visit Doom Buddy Yellow 19″ x […]

Aesthetic Appartatus X DRDC Print

After 17 screens, the Aesthetic Apparatus x Decoder Ring Design Concern print is finally done.  These have an edition of 100, and I believe the size is somewhere around 22″  x 26″.  The price is $260 shipped.  Visit to purchase.

Decoder Ring Design Concern X Aesthetic Apparatus Process Thread

As you may remember from the Tara McPherson print, Decoder Ring Design has an ongoing project where they fly down artists to produce immaculate art prints ranging from 15-20 colors.  Minneapolis’ own Aesthetic Apparatus is in Texas with the boys right now, and you can follow the process of their print in a thread at […]

White Stripes Poster by Aesthetic Apparatus Now Available

Aesthetic Apparatus’ entry into the insanely popular White Stripes series is now available, and will likely go pretty fast.  AA will only be selling 50 of them now, so get your $35 out and ready.  19″ x 25″, edition of 225 (reportedly).  Visit to purchase. Oh yeah, and AA also has this really new […]

Doomdrips Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus is continuing on the Doomdrips theme they started with their Ox-Op Qee, producing a number of new prints in the series. All of AA’s prints are super high quality, and you can see the rest of their work at Doomdrips Quad Drops Art Print 18″ x 18″, Edition of 100, $20: Doom […]

New Qee and Prints by Aesthetic Apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus just received their allotment of their 2.5″ Qee for the Ox-Op series, and have offered it up for the reasonable price of $7.  As if that weren’t cool enough, they also released two limited art prints.  Each print is $20, or a mega pack of both prints and the Qee is available for […]

Aesthetic Apparatus Art Prints

Minneapolis’ Aesthetic Apparatus, commonly known for their concert posters, also have an excellent page of art prints. Their prints are all screenprinted in-house, and are made with love. Everyone could use a boy with a beast arm to spruce up their loft. To see all of the available prints, visit their art print page. “Oh, […]

Decoder Ring Design Print Series 2007 Lineup Released

The Decoder Ring Design Concern has announced their 2007 lineup for their famous print series. If you are not familiar, the boys at DRDC fly artists down to design, separate, and print multi, multi color screenprints, usually more than ten colors. It is really an amazing project, and the 2007 lineup is awe-inspiring. So, enough […]

Poster-Related Videos

Dug up a couple short videos about concert posters, and the artists involved. Maybe you’ve seen these, maybe you haven’t. Enjoy!! Jay Ryan – A short documentary/interview with poster artist Jay Ryan. Visit The Bird Machine to see or buy Jay’s posters. Aesthetic Apparatus – Short film about Minneapolis-based design studio, Aesthetic Apparatus. Check out […]