Detail Pictures of Aaron Horkey’s Letterpress Prints

Ken Harman of Arrested Motion and Hi-Fructose magazine sent over some amazing pictures of the upcoming Aaron Horkey letterpress set.  It looks like the quality on these will be every bit as high as promised.  Today is the big day, don’t forget.  Enjoy!

The Aaron Horkey Retrospective Letterpress Series – Suite One (Onsale Info)

Dead Arts Publishing is finally ready to unveil Aaron Horkey’s Retrospective Letterpress Series, with the first suite of prints dropping later this week.  Meticulously printed by The Bieler Press on Somerset Velvet Radiant White 330 gsm fine art paper, these prints have met Aaron’s sky-high standards.  They were produced at the exact same size as […]

“Versus” Art Print by Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

Well folks, here it is, the one you have been waiting for.  Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s collaborative art print will go up for sale later today.  “Versus” is a 12.875″ x 29.75″ TWENTY FIVE COLOR SCREENPRINT, has an edition of 130, and will be $300.  There is also a special version with an edition […]

Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Art Print (Process Thread)

A lot of you probably already know about this, but if you’re just finding out about it now, you’re in for a treat.  Over the past several days, Aaron Horkey and Jay Ryan have been working on a collaborative art print, documenting the process as they go.  It’s up to 22 colors so far with […]

Some Copies of Aaron Horkey’s Init Fest Posters Available

Steven from Init Records has posted a few copies of Aaron Horkey’s Init Fest posters for sale.  These are the ultra-limited show editions.  Both the 2008 and 2009 prints are available for $50 each.  While you’re there, pick up the new pressing of Melt Banana’s “initial t.” 7″ on glow in the dark vinyl, complete […]

Aaron Horkey’s Isis / Baroness Poster (Onsale Info)

Besides the sports show, it was kind of a slow week for posters, but next week is already looking very promising.  Aaron Horkey’s beautiful Isis / Baroness tour poster is a 12″ x 34″ screenprint, has an edition of 180, and will be $60.  Trust me, this thing is insane in person.  It goes up […]

Aaron Horkey’s Isis / Baroness Tour Poster

Aaron Horkey has unveiled his newest poster, it’s for the upcoming Isis / Baroness tour in Japan and Australia.  Both versions are 12″ x 34″ screenprints.  The blue version will go out with the bands on tour, the green version will be available online at a later date.  I’ll keep you updated.  Until then, enjoy!

Emek and Aaron Horkey’s Decemberists Poster (Onsale Info)

Well, that certainly seemed like forever, but Emek and Aaron Horkey’s poster for The Decemberists is finally about to go up for sale.  It’s a 15″ x 32″ screenprint with an artist edition of 350 (signed by both).  They will also be packaged with a handbill of the same image (7.5″ x 15.75″ screenprint).  Plus, […]

Flight of the Conchords Posters Available

Flight of the Conchords have just launched their online store with virtually every concert poster from the last tour.  That means screenprints by Daniel Danger, Aaron Horkey, Guy Burwell, Tyler Stout, Jay Ryan, etc, are available for only $30 each.  Yes, the shipping is steep, but it does not increase for up to four posters.  […]

Aaron Horkey’s Bon Iver Concert Poster (Onsale Info)

Aaron Horkey’s new poster for last night’s Bon Iver show in Milwaukee will go up for sale this week.  The artist edition is looking pretty awesome, as he took extra time to make them all feel a bit more handmade.  It’s a 10.5″ x 23.5″ screenprint with metallic ink, has an edition of 150 (though […]

Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Bon Iver Poster

We’re on a nice roll for sneak peeks here lately.  Here is Aaron Horkey’s stunning poster for the upcoming Bon Iver show in Milwaukee.  It’s an 11″ x 24″ screenprint, and will be for sale at the show.  The artist edition, which will be available online eventually, will be slightly different.  I’ll keep you updated […]

New Alamo Drafthouse Posters Going Up Today

Here is your official heads up about some new Alamo Drafthouse posters going up today.  First off, they will be selling the show edition of Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man print.  Besides not having a gocco print on the back, and being numbered differently, it’s the same as the artist edition.  Secondly, they will be posting […]

Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man Poster (Onsale Info)

Looks like we now have all of the official information regarding the release of Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man poster.  First, the specs:  This is a 7″ x 16.5″ giclee with letterpress accents, has an edition of 175 (less than that will be online), and will be $145.  No expenses were spared on this one, the […]

Exclusive Peek at Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man Poster

Check out these insane process shots of Aaron Horkey’s print for the upcoming Dead Man screening at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse.  Seriously, this thing is going to kill in person.  It will be an extremely high-quality giclee with letterpress accents around the main image area.  The show is in just over a week (if you can […]

Cougar Den “Keepondrifter” LP with Aaron Horkey Artwork (Pictures!)

Init Records just let me know that the Cougar Den LP’s are officially in stock and ready to ship.  The screenprinted covers by Burlesque Design look amazing!  If you’ve already preordered this, it will ship by the end of the week.  If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do, as I can’t think of a […]