10 Questions With Ferg

For the new 10 questions, I picked Clay Ferguson, aka Ferg from Jamungo. He has been killing it with some of the sickest art prints and toys in the scene, and is only gaining momentum. Keep an eye on this dude, he’s on fire. Age:36 Location: Austin TX Years Doing Posters/Prints: 5-6? Not that long. […]

10 Questions With Daniel Danger

Age: twenty four, a quarter of the way to getting my face on good morning america. Location: my compound in the woods of massachusetts. the tiny media studio is in orange MA, above an old abandoned tool company and a room containing alot of hospital gurneys. Years Doing Posters: stealing photocopies from high school offices […]

10 Questions With Drew Millward

Age: 26 Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK Years Doing Posters: Two and a half Favorite Poster You’ve Done: Ummm…. that’s tough. Probably either my Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy or Arab Strap one. It’s like choosing a favorite child. Would you make a mother choose her favorite child? hmm? Favorite Poster that Someone Else Did: I really […]

10 Questions With Jeff Kleinsmith

In the second installment of 10 questions, I asked one of my favorite poster artists to participate. Say hello to Patent Pending/Sub Pop’s own Jeff Kleinsmith. Age: 39 for another month. Location: Seattle, WA     Years Doing Posters: 18   Favorite Poster You’ve Done: Probably the Modest Mouse/Sukpatch from 1997     Favorite Poster […]

Ten Questions With Bobby Dixon

Welcome to a new OMGPosters series, Ten Questions With….   In this series I will ask some of the scene’s best artists to answer ten simple questions.  To help get this thing off the ground, I spoke with one of my favorite gigposter artists, Bobby Dixon. Age: Half way to death Location: Austin, Texas Years Doing […]