New Art Prints by Tugboat Printshop

It’d been awhile since I checked in with Tugboat Printshop, and in that time they released a whole bunch of new art prints in their Deep Blue Sea series.  These prints are all woodcut prints, and are larger than most of their previous prints were.  They range in edition size from 25-50 and cost $45-$115 each.  Check them all out at

Also, here’s a black and white preview of the GIANT print they are producing for the Manifest Hope gallery show in DC.  “American the Beautiful” will be a 24″ x 32″ woodcut print (with color), has an edition of 200, and can be preorderd now for $125.  Visit

More James Jean Art Prints Available

Since the James Jean prints got so much response yesterday, I thought I’d better point out that he has alot more prints available at his own website.  These include “Vanity”, “Hare”, and “Maze” from his new show, plus over 50 others.  They are high quality, signed giclee prints with open editions.  The best part is that most of them are less than $100.  Visit

Here are a few examples of prints at the site, but go look, there are so many more.


17″ x 22″ Signed Giclee, $85:


12″ x 18″ Signed Giclee, $52:


17″ x 22″ Signed Giclee, $85:

Hunter S. Thompson Art Print by Print Mafia

This print just rules.  It’s much larger than what Print Mafia usually produces, plus it has a ton of colors.  “Relax – This won’t hurt.” is a 17.5″ x 23″ eight color screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is $50 shipped.  Visit the Classifieds.

“The Communist Party” Art Print by Tom Burns

Tom Burns just released this art print based on his ultra-popular Threadless shirt, “The Communist Party”.  It’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of only 30, and is $25.  Visit the Classifieds.

Pardon My Hindi Art Print

Big thanks to Grain Edit for the tip about this really cool blog/store, Pardon My Hindi.  They produced this amazing print awhile back, and some are still available.  It’s a 16″ x 22″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $40.  Check it out at

New Art Prints by Niagara

If you’re a Nigara fan, you’re going to be pretty happy with this new print drop.  She just released ten new art prints, all of which are large giclees with editions of only 15.  They are $299 each, shipping included.  Visit

Vote for Concert Poster and Art Print of the Year at Expresso Beans

If you are an Expresso Beans member, be sure to stop over and vote for the concert poster and art print of the year.  It doesn’t take long at all, and is actually quite fun.  There’s a nice automated system that lets you choose between all of the prints that have received “Art of the Week” votes.  They will compile the results and announce the winners at the end of January.  The winning artist in each category will receive a commemorative trophy.  Click the big orange square at

I picked Drew Millward’s Gallows poster and Aaron Horkey’s Whale Bone Grove art print.  What did you everyone else vote for?

“Skull and Bones” Clothing and Art Print Package by Stephen Kasner

Shirts&Destroy is bringing the pain lately.  They released this new package by Stephen Kasner recently, and it is really a steal.  You get 3 t-shirts and a 12″ x 12″ screenprinted art print, all packaged in a nicely printed box for $35.  These were produced in an edition of 50, but far less than that remain.  Visit

Swindle Issue 19 With Mike Giant

If you’re a big Mike Giant fan like me, you’ll probably want to grab the newest issue of Swindle.  It features a cover story and large feature with Mr. Giant, plus he did various illustrations throughout the issue.  You can pick one up for $9 at

James Jean Art Prints Available

James Jean’s debut show at Jonathan Levine Gallery is creating more hype, excitement, and chatter around the art world than almost any other exhibit in recent memory.  The work is absolutely stunning, and while the originals are out of most of our price ranges, the gallery just made it much more affordable to own some of his artwork.  They have just announced the release of two brand new giclee prints, both based on pieces in the current “Kindling” show.  All the details are below.  To order, either shoot Jonathan Levine Gallery an email or call them at (212) 243-3822.

“Toy Maker”

22″ x 42.5″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $600:

Detail Shots of “Toy Maker”:


21″ x 29.5″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $400:

Detail Shots of “Ballad”:

“Delectable Duo” Art Prints by Nate Duval

Nate Duval just released these awesomely funny art prints, collectively titled “Delectable Duo”.  Both “Mushroom” and “Artichoke” are 12″ x 18″ screenprints, have editions of 70, and cost $25 each (or $40 for the pair).  Visit

“Beard Poster” by Michael Buchino

This is simultaneously hilarious and great.  Michael Buchino runs Beard Revue, a site dedicated to “Review, commentary, & discussion for the beard enthusiast”.  In celebration of their one year anniversary, he whipped up this awesome print (based on Milton Glaser’s Dylan cover) to commemorate the occasion.  It’s 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 200, and is only $20.  Visit

New Art Prints by Loworks

Tokyocube just released some impressive new art prints by Tokyo-based creative agency Loworks.  They are super limited giclees that have been mounted directly onto wood panels.  Check them out at


16.5″ x 21″ Giclee Mounted on Wood Panel, Edition of 20, ¥ 28,600 (about $320):


16.5″ x 21″ Giclee Mounted on Wood Panel, Edition of 20, ¥ 28,600 (about $320):

Interview With James “Dalek” Marshall

Arrested Motion posted up a really great interview with James Marshall (aka Dalek).  They ask him about the progression of his style, and where he thinks his work go from here.  It’s a really cool read, whether you are into Dalek or not.  Check it out at

Super 7’s Skulletor Mummy Boy Figure (Onsale Info)

Super 7 is set to release what is (in my opinion) the best colorway of their Mummy Boy figure yet.  The new “Skulletor” version of this  6″ vinyl figure is quite obviously an homage to Skeletor from He-Man.  It goes up for sale Saturday, January 17th at 11am PST, and will cost $50.  Visit