Paper Hearts – A Valentine’s Day Print Show

The Little Friends of Printmaking and Tuesday Bassen are curating a really rad Valentine’s Day print show that started in LA and will move to Austin, TX this weekend. The prints are all also online right now. The pieces are all 16″ x 16″ screenprints for $30 each. Check out the flyer below to attend the […]

Evil Tender Presents: “In Reference”, an Incredible Exhibition in San Francisco This Weekend

This weekend, Evil Tender will present a new gallery show with an exceedingly inventive and refreshing premise. To sum it up, the folks behind the site commissioned photographer Holly Burnham and model Hattie Watson to create a series of breathtaking photographs. The images were then distributed to over twenty artists who used them for reference to create brand […]

Arik Roper and Skinner at The Cotton Candy Machine Tomorrow Night

Starting tomorrow, The Cotton Candy Machine will host a show of new work by Arik Roper and Skinner. The previews from both artists have been amazing so far. Full info on their site,

Tom Whalen’s “Bust’d” Show at Gallery 1988 (Now Online)

Gallery 1988 opened a beautiful new show by Tom Whalen over the weekend. “Bust’d” features a ton of new art prints, each a “bust” view of a pop culture icon. They’re all 8″ x 8″ screenprints, have editions of 75, and cost $20 each. The selection is vast (this is a very small portion of […]

Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988

Speaking of Gallery 1988, they’re also hosting a really great show by Dan McCarthy. It consists mostly of glow in the dark screenprints on board, and there’s a good amount of stock still available. Check out

Info-Rama Prints by Tom Whalen and Kevin Tong – Now Online

The amazing infographic prints from Tom Whalen and Kevin Tong’s Info-Rama show at Phone Booth Gallery are now for sale online. They’re screenprinted, have small editions, and cost $45-$50 each. PLUS, they made a really beautiful pencil pouch with custom pencils, a ruler, a bookmark, and a notepad for $35. Incredibly impressive all-around. Visit

National Poster Retrospecticus – New Dates and Posters

The National Poster Retrospecticus tour will continue in August and September with new dates in Boston, Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Pawtucket, plus new posters by Daniel Danger, Burlesque Design, and The Little Friends of Printmaking. Check out the images below, then get more show info at

“Grief” – Rob Jones Solo Show at Chicago’s Galerie F

Galerie F will host a solo exhibition by Rob Jones starting Thursday, July 17th. “Grief” will feature over 100 original drawings and a small number of art prints. The work is very personal and will be very affordable. I’ve been lucky enough to be in correspondence with Rob as he’s worked on many of the pieces and […]

Walton Ford Exhibition Poster

Wow, Walton Ford never ceases to amaze me. This poster for his new exhibition is a 20″ x 38″ digital print for $70. Visit

Marvel Art Prints by Mike Mitchell – Round 1 (Onsale Info)

Mondo will sell the first batch of prints from Mike Mitchell’s recent Marvel show today. These are 12″ x 16″ giclees, have editions ranging from 50-145, and will cost $60 each. They go up today (Tuesday, April 29th) at a random time. Visit

Tango Whiskey – An Art Print Exhibition by Talkie Walkie

Sergeant Paper has a number of art prints up for sale from Tango Whiskey, a show featuring artists from Paris creative agency Talkie Walkie. Prices vary greatly, but the work is all great. Check it out at

The National Poster Retrospecticus is Hitting the Road Again

The National Poster Retrospecticus, a huge roadshow of posters by various artists, is hitting the road again next month. Stops include Nashville, St. Louis, Omaha, DC, and Northampton. See the posters below, and get more info via

“Remnants” – Original Pieces by Justin Santora at Galerie F

Chicago’s Galerie F is currently hosting a new show by Justin Santora called “Remnants”, a collection of original drawings, paintings, and sketches. Prices are low, and for a limited time, you’ll get a free copy of the poster below with any purchase. Visit

6″ x 6″ Exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery – Now Online

Celebrating their sixth anniversary, Phone Booth Gallery recently hosted a huge group show of 6″ x 6″ original pieces, and they’re now up for sale online. Visit

The Craziest Thing Ever Happened at The Cotton Candy Machine Earlier This Month…

I’m wayyyy late on this news, but I wanted to let the readers here know about the insane situation that went down at The Cotton Candy Machine a few weeks ago. Long story short, paintings were stolen, there was a foot chase, one was recovered, and two are still missing. The details of the case […]