Interview With Josh Keyes

Arrested Motion was able to sit down with Josh Keyes for a really interesting, extensive interview.  He has a new show opening at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver this weekend and the work is looking stunning (check out that 40″ x 120″ canvas in the picture!).  Visit

“The Hart of Valhalla” Painted Busts by Godmachine

Godmachine painted 16 stag busts, each totally unique.  They’re 4″ tall and cost £35.  See what’s left at Godmachine’s Shop.

“Save The Tatas” Unique Collages for Charity by Natronbomb

Natronbomb (a frequent contributor to the comments here) has once again created some original artwork for charity.  He has four unique “Save The Tatas” spraypaint/photo collages on eBay, all benefits will benefit Susan G. Komen “For The Cure”.  Visit

Solvent Transfers by Michael Latimer

These solvent transfers by Michael Latimer represent his best work yet.  They’re a mix of print and original artwork on heavyweight watercolor paper.  They have editions of one, all totally unique.  There are a bunch available, all reasonably priced.  Check out

Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988 (Preview is Live)

The preview for Dan McCarthy’s show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco just went live.  There are a number of beautiful paintings available, plus a really awesome series of hand-embellished prints.  Check it out at

New Originals by Masayoshi Hanawa

If you’ve been reading the site for a long time, you probably recognize Masayoshi Hanawa’s art, I’ve been trying to write about his originals for quite awhile now.  Tokyocube has three new ones available (1.32-1.34).  For a few hundred dollars, these will blow you away in person.  Visit

Steve Seeley at Rotofugi Gallery

I am in love with a bunch of Steve Seeley’s work, now showing at Chicago’s Rotofugi Gallery.  Most of it sold with the quickness, but this guy is definitely worth keeping an eye on.  Visit

“Sketches of Babylon” Mono-Distortion Prints by Mear One (Onsale Info)

When I say the word “print” in the title, it’s really just a formality, as these really aren’t prints at all.  Mear One’s “Sketches of Babylon” is a mono-distortion piece (in other words, a series of totally original paintings/drawings done in a uniform style).  They are 18″ x 29″, 33 were made, and they will […]

Justin Santora’s Solo Show Is Now Online!

Justin Santora’s current show at Chicago’s Fillintheblank Gallery went off without a hitch, and you can now score what’s left online.  There are still plenty of awesome prints and originals available, check it out at

The Daniel Danger Show Preview is Live

Gallery 1988 has posted the preview pages for Daniel Danger’s show tonight.  Originals and framed prints are available now, I assume unframed prints will follow tomorrow.  Visit

Daniel Danger Print Previews

Here are three more previews from tonight’s Daniel Danger show at Gallery 1988.  All three of these will be prints, there will be six new prints total.  The online preview will probably go up sometime tomorrow, get ready for the frenzy.  More info at Gallery 1988.

Behind the Scenes with Daniel Danger

Hi-Fructose just posted some insane behind the scenes photos leading up to Daniel Danger’s solo show in Los Angeles this weekend.  I have a feeling this new work is going to be mind-blowing.  If you’re interested in getting put on a list for the toy, get some more info here.  See all the photos at […]

Nate’s Pick #5: Native Vermont Studio

It’s been way too long since I had my good friend Nate Duval pick out an artist to feature, I’ll try to keep them more frequent from now on.  This time he has introduced me to the work of Native Vermont Studio and I have to say, I’m quite impressed.  They offer art prints, one-of-a-kind […]

Drew Millward Painting Auction for Ryan August

Drew Millward has happily donated his time and talent toward the estate of the late Ryan August.  He is taking bids on this brand new piece, a 16.5″ x 23.5″ painting on watercolor paper.  Bidding is up to $300 with just a short time left, so get some bids in.  Visit

Crazy 4 Cult Paintings and Prints at Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988’s biggest show of the year, Crazy 4 Cult, just opened over the weekend.  Since I was away from the computer over the weekend, I am just getting around to posting it now, but there are still tons of awesome prints and paintings available.  For the paintings, click HERE, for the prints, click HERE.