Stumptown Coffee Mug Set by Arik Roper

For something completely non-print-related to make it onto this site, it’s gotta be pretty damn awesome, and these are. This set of four Stumptown Coffee mugs by Arik Roper are packed into a beautiful wooden box for a square $100. If you’ve got a relative that’s into drinking joe, I can’t think of a cooler […]

Florian Bertmer x Moon Editions x Halloween

All of this and more coming tomorrow (Saturday, October 22nd) at a random time. That’s all the info you get. Keep your eyes on Moon Editions.

The Megabolt Charity Sketchbook Project – Artist Series Book 4 by Brian Kaspr

The awesome Megabolt sketchbook project rolls on with a new entry by Brian Kaspr. For titling purposes, this is actually Artist Series No. 1, Book 4 of 7. It’s a 3.5″ x 5″ sketchbook, has an edition of 50, and costs $12. Like their previous effort, every time a book is sold, a second book […]

“You’re Whaley Magic” Letterpress Card by Spoon&Sailor at Tiny Showcase

Tiny Showcase has once again switched things up this week. They’re offering a letterpress card by Spoon&Sailor. “You’re Whaley Magic” is 3.5″ x 4.875″, comes with an envelope, and costs $4.50. Visit

“The Official Rose Pendant” by Mark Ryden (Onsale Info)

If you’ve got some money to blow, or if you have a goth girlfriend (hell, maybe you ARE the goth girlfriend), you might be interested in Mark Ryden’s latest offering. “The Official Rose Pendant” is a large (approx. 1.5″ x 2″) enameled metal pendant that features Mark Ryden’s “Rose” painting from his 2003 “Blood Show.” […]

Some SDCC Goodies from Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing returned from Comic-Con bearing gifts. He’s got some really cool new items for sale that will likely disappear quickly. The info is below, visit “Mars Attacks” 5″ x 7″ Framed Giclee, Edition of 20, $50: “Galtan Kaiju” 5″ x 7″ Framed Giclee, Edition of 20, $50: Skull Clock 6″ x 7″ Laser-Cut […]

Mondo Mystery Movie: Part Two (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release tickets for the second Mondo Mystery Movie today. Obviously, not much can be said, everything is shrouded in secrecy. The poster price will be worked into the ticket, the show takes place on August 31st, and the tickets go up today (Tuesday, August 2nd) around 12pm Central Time. Hear the […]

Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s Poster Documentary Now Has A Title, A Promo Video, & An Interview

Big news today in the world of Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s upcoming poster documentary. First, it now has a title, “Just Like Being There”. Secondly, they’ve released an awesome promo reel (below). Third, they were interviewed over at Just Like Being There (Promo) from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo. Remember, to support the film, […]

“Things” VHS from Mondo (Onsale Info)

Not poster related at all, but Mondo will release another limited edition (and completely bonkers) VHS today. “Things” goes up today (Wednesday, July 13th) at a random time. Visit MONDO VIDEO PRESENTS “THINGS” LIMITED EDITION VHS from Intervision Picture Corp. on Vimeo.

Help Fund Scout Shannon and Johanna Goldstein’s Upcoming (Awesome) Poster Documentary

Producer Johanna Goldstein and director Scout Shannon have been on the road filming an upcoming documentary about the poster world, and they’d like a little bit of help. They’ve been focusing mostly on three subjects, Kevin Tong, Daniel Danger, and Jay Ryan, but many other artists and events will also be covered. Daniel and Kevin […]

Letterpress Coasters by Valhalla

Valhalla made up some really great coasters, plus they’re letterpressed! These are 4″ x 6″, only 200 were made, and they cost $5 each (or $13 for three). Visit

Help Fund Gina Kelly’s “Super Natura” Stop Motion Film

Poster artist Gina Kelly is currently seeking some help funding a stop motion film about insects titled “Super Natura”. The concept sounds amazing (making puppets from actual insects), but she’s running out of time. For $50, you get a screenprinted poster, a DVD, and thanks in the credits (but there are packages at almost every […]

THEY LIVE at The Alamo Drafthouse with Shepard Fairey (Ticket Onsale Info)

Tickets for The Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo’s “They Live” event with Shepard Fairey will go on sale later today. The $60 ticket price includes a poster as you leave the screening. Some of the posters will also make it online afterward, but this should be a really fun show to attend. If that’s not enough, […]

The Megabolt Sketchbook Project – Artist Series No. 1 by Julie West (Onsale Info)

Expanding on their original idea, Megabolt is now offering their first artist series sketchbook by Julie West (more artists will be coming too, this is actually Artist Series No. 1 – Book 1 of 7). It’s a 3.5″ x 5″ sketchbook, has an edition of 50, and will cost $12. Like their previous effort, every […]

Daniel Danger Seeks Some Funding on Kickstarter

If you’ve ever wondered what Daniel Danger does in his spare time…