Adventures In Design Episode #24 w/ Dan Ibarra

Adventures in Design has another great episode available for download. This time Aesthetic Apparatus’ Dan Ibarra sits in, plus there’s some Mondo talk, and the usual shenanigans. Visit

“Riddles, Sorcery and Deceit” – An Adult Picture Book by We Buy Your Kids

Does anything sound more awesome than an “Adult Picture Book” by Australia’s king art weirdos, We Buy Your Kids? “Riddles, Sorcery, and Deceit” has 24 pages, was made in an edition of 250, and costs $17.50 AUD. There are also skateboards and t-shirts available, all of which are amazing. Visit

“Animals” Postcard Set by Marion Peck

Marion Peck just released this amazing, affordable set of “Animals” postcards. For only $12.95, you get sixteen 5″ x 7″ postcards. Visit

Support Sterling Hundley’s Art Career on Kickstarter

Commercial illustrator Sterling Hundley is looking to switch things up, heading toward a larger working narrative and an ongoing transition into more personal gallery work. He has launched a Kickstarter project, explaining his goals in detail. There are a number of different levels, throw him some support. Visit PS, if you’re not already familiar with Hundley’s […]

Poster Printing Kit from DIY Print Shop

DIY Print Shop put together these really cool kits to get your started printing posters (they also have a t-shirt kit). You get a press, everything you need to expose screens, some ink, paper, and more for $280. Check them out at

DKNG’s Rock Poster Design Class Offered by Skillshare

Wow, this is really cool news for aspiring poster artists. The DKNG dudes will be teaching a poster design course on Skillshare. Get more info at

Back in 2013!!!

OMGPosters will be enjoying this lovely holiday break through the new year (trust me, it’s needed), returning with full post counts on Wednesday, January 2nd. If anything unmissable happens, I’ll be tweeting about it, but the blog will probably stay quiet. Thank you so, so much to the amazing, unbelievably loyal readers that frequent the […]

Olly Moss’ Presentation from OFFSET2012

The fine folks from OFFSET2012 uploaded Olly Moss’ presentation today. If you’re a fan (and you should be), you’ll find this very interesting. Enjoy! Olly Moss – OFFSET2012 from OFFSET on Vimeo.

The Megabolt Holiday Sale

Our good friends at Megabolt are having a great holiday sale, including $5 notebooks, $15 prints, and $15 t-shirts. You also get a postcard, patch, and buttons with every order. Visit

PinkGhost Artist Necklaces

These new artist necklaces from PinkGhost would make great gifts. They’re designed by Crowded Teeth, Piktorama, and Pow Pao. They’re made from wood, have editions of 50, and cost $40 each. Visit

Quick Reminder – Sticker Robot’s 500 Free Stickers Promo Ends in a Few Days

Just a quick heads up, Sticker Robot’s “Buy 1000 Stickers, Get 500 Free” ends in just a few days (it’s a November promo). Remember, it’s scaleable, so if you buy 2,000 stickers, you’ll get 1,000 free, etc etc. Best quality, die-cuts, the works. Get them now, Sticker Robot Custom Stickers.

Tons of Stickers and Patches from Angryblue

Angryblue has been hard at work putting his Superpac sticker packs (a big load of stickers for $13) and Patchwerk sets (three patches for $17) together. Grab them up at his shop.

Buy 1,000 Stickers – Get 500 Free – All Month at Sticker Robot

Attention all artists and business owners, Sticker Robot is having another AMAZING special for November. Basically, if you buy 1,000 stickers (any size or shape), you get 500 free. The best part is, the deal has no limit. So if you buy 5,000 stickers, you’ll get 2,500 free. Great, great deal, and the best stickers […]

Finally…The OMG Posters Facebook Page!

After a lot of years doing this, I’ve finally decided to make a Facebook page for OMGP. Please “Like” the page for daily updates, news, peeks, etc. Visit

New Screenprinted Items by Kenn Twofour

Kenn Twofour has a number of new screenprinted items available, including layered prints, paddle games, signs, and more. Amazing stuff. Check out his Etsy Shop.