Methane Studios on CNN

I love when our little world intersects with mainstream culture.  CNN recently did a feature on Methane Studios, you can see it below.  Enjoy!!!

Ana Bagayan Preview / Interview

Leading up to her show this weekend in Rome, Arrested Motion sat down with Ana Bagayan for a brief interview, plus a preview of the show’s work.  Check it out at

Sasha Barr Interview

Grain Edit recently sat down with Seattle designer and poster artist Sasha Barr for an interview.  GE puts together great interviews, this one is no exception.  Visit

IPaintMyMind Interviews Jermaine Rogers (Part Two)

The second part of IPaintMyMind’s interview with Jermaine Rogers has been posted.  He gets into talk about vinyl toys, plus discusses PNE.  Visit

IPaintMyMind Interviews Jermaine Rogers (Part One)

My buddy Evan at I Paint My Mind just redesigned and relaunched his website, complete with a Jermaine Rogers interview.  As usual, Jermaine has all kinds of interesting things to say, I’d pay the man for a daily lecture.  Check out part one of two at

Noma Bar Interview

Grain Edit recently sat down with the too-smart-for-his-own-good graphic designer, Noma Bar.  Check out this guy’s stuff, it’s amazing what just a few lines can convey.  Visit

Nadine Nakanishi Video Profile

Here’s an awesome little video profile on Sonnenzimmer’s Nadine Nakanishi by Chicago’s Middle Mind Project.  Few poster folks are as charming on camera as Nick and Nadine, this one is great! Via The Post Family.

Kelsey Brookes Documentary from The Creative Lives

The Creative Lives is a website that just started up this month.  They plan to release a number of awesome documentaries about contemporary artists, and their first is about Kelsey Brookes.  If you’ve got a few extra minutes today, check this out, it’s great.  For more, keep an eye on Kelsey Brookes Feature from […]

Interview With Landland

In anticipation of their upcoming show, the guys at Burlesque Design sat down and interviewed their neighbors, Minneapolis’ own Landland.  If you don’t know them, do your studying now, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Visit

Handiedan Interview

Arrested Motion caught up with Dutch artist Handiedan for an interesting interview.  Yes, this is the second AM link of the day, but those guys are good.  Visit

Jeremy Geddes Interview

The guys at Arrested Motion recently sat down with the stunning Australian painter Jeremy Geddes for an interview.  This guy’s stuff is fascinating, check it out at

LOST Art Show Coverage from G4

There are a lot of photos and videos circulating from the recent Lost art show at Gallery 1988, but this feature from G4 is the best I’ve seen.  They cover a number of the pieces, talk to artists like Daniel Danger and Kevin Tong, and chat with Jensen Karp and the producers of Lost about […]

ISO50 Interview and Limited Grain Edit T-Shirt

Grain Edit just sat down with Scott Hansen aka ISO50 for an awesome, lengthy interview.  You can check it out at In addition, they also just released a great limited edition t-shirt by Invisible Creature.  It is available in sizes S-2XL for $20.  Again,

Lots Of News From Jon Smith

Before I start, huge thanks to Jon Smith for jumping on as a new sponsor.  He just dropped a ton of news on me, so try to ingest all this info.  First of all, Jon is keeping a pretty awesome blog these days, he just wrapped a long interview with Brad Klausen.  Secondly, he has […]

Jeremy Fish / Yoskay Yamamoto Studio Visits

Arrested Motion has been busy with a number of studio visits lately.  High points definitely include Jeremy Fish and Yoskay Yamamoto.  Check out Jeremy’s studio HERE, and Yoskay’s HERE.