Alex Pardee and Dave Correia in Austin, TX Today

Alex Pardee and Dave Correia’s “Sketch 4 Sketch” tour will make a stop in Austin, TX for an event at Mondo today.  As usual, the guys will be trading custom sketches for your own artwork, but there will also be a brand new art print set up for grabs.  It goes down tonight (Thursday, April […]

Jonathan Bergeron and Lora Zombie at Gallery 1988

Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up about this awesome show going on at Gallery 1988 with Lora Zombie and Jonathan Bergeron (that’s Johnny Crap for you GP’ers).  Some great work at reasonable prices.  Check out the preview page.

Alex Pardee and Dave Correia Present the “Sketch 4 Sketch” US Tour

Alex Pardee and Dave Correia, being the creative geniuses they both are, have come up with a great idea for a US tour.  They will be  stopping in a TON of cities over the next few weeks, participating in what they are calling “Sketch 4 Sketch”.  Here’s how it works:  They will announce where they […]

Usugrow at Stolenspace Gallery

Usugrow’s new show just opened at Stolenspace Gallery and as usual, Arrested Motion was able to wrangle some pictures.  The show runs for the next month or so.  See the pics at, then see the work at

Justin Santora Mystery Tubes

Justin Santora has joined the mystery tube bandwagon.  For $50 shipped, you’ll receive three concert posters or art prints, one slightly imperfect print, one line art variant or test print, and one drawing or sketch.  Visit the Classifieds.

Brian Morris’ Sack-O-Skulls

Brian Morris will offer up 30 of his ultra rare (1:100 chase) Jamungo BUD figures later this week.  The toy will also be packaged with a sticker and an original mini-sketch, each one being totally unique.  These packs go up later this week with a pricetag of “around” $50.  Get more info at EDIT:  […]

Drew Millward Drawings Available

Drew Millward has listed a number of original drawings for sale.  If you’re a fan of his, you should get an original while they are still (stupidly) cheap.  Visit the Classifieds.

Josh Keyes’ Sketchbook

Arrested Motion has gathered a pretty amazing set of images that inspired Josh Keyes’ recent work at Jonathan Levine Gallery.  The sketches and reference photos really shine a light on his creative process.  Check out

Audrey Kawasaki at Jonathan Levine Gallery

This past weekend, NYC’s Jonathan Levine Gallery hosted the opening of a brand new exhibition by Audrey Kawasaki.  The art prints are already gone, and most of the originals have probably sold, but you should still go check out the beautiful images (if you’re at work, maybe wait till you get home, lots of naked […]

Chris Murray at 88Point5

Philadelphia artist Chris Murray is the subject of the current show at 88Point5, Gallery 1988’s online-only gallery.  His work has a strong hip-hop flavor.  The originals are priced at $300-$600, and there are also a couple of prints available.  Visit

The Space 1026 Art Auction

Philadelphia’s Space 1026 is holding their annual art auction next week.  Space 1026 does a lot to help out the Philly arts community, and this auction is one thing that makes it possible.  There will be artwork donated by artists like Matt Leines, AJ Fosick, Tim Gough, etc.  The preview night is next Friday at […]

20% Off Artwork by Daniel Johnston

For a limited time, Worried Shoes is offering 20% off all Daniel Johnston art purchases.  Just use promo code “MADNESS2009″ at checkout.  The sale ends December 2nd at midnight.  Visit

Original Art by Ian Dingman

Ian Dingman has a ton of rad little originals in his shop starting at just $40.  Check out the huge selection at Via ChangeTheThought.

The Juxtapoz Charity Art Auction

Juxtapoz is currently hosting one of the bigger charity art auctions I’ve ever seen.  It features a TON of big artists, and there’s some really great work available.  All of the proceeds will benefit Power House Project of Detroit.  Check it out at

Allison Reimold at 88Point5

88Point5, Gallery 1988’s online-only gallery, is hosting a cool show by Los Angeles native Allison Reimold.  The originals range from $80-175.  Visit