“Nedi The Yeti” Art Print by Rob Warnick (Onsale Info, Plus iPad App Information)

Rob Warnick has created a brand new interactive children’s book for the iPad titled, “Nedi The Yeti”. He’ll also release a special art print to celebrate it’s debut. It’s an 11″ x 14″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will cost $20. It goes up today (Monday, February 27th) at 9am Eastern Time. You […]

“The Unholy Bow” Art Zine by Locrian’s Terence Hannum

If you’re into all things dark, you should check out this amazing new art zine by Locrian’s Terence Hannum. It’s 4.5″ x 7″, has an edition of 150, and costs $10. Grab one at his shop.

Delicious Design League Sketchbook from Megabolt

Megabolt’s awesome sketchbook series continues on with the fifth entry, this time by Delicious Design League. These 3.5″ x 5″ books are $12 each, and when you buy one, you’re also buying one for a child in the hospital. I love these guys. Visit Megabolt.

Tomer Hanuka’s “Overkill” Book and Bonus Art Print

Wow, I’m pretty much blown away by this new book and print package from Tomer Hanuka. First of all, Upper Playground and Gingko Press have teamed up to release his first Monogram book, “Overkill”. You can get a regular edition on Amazon now. They are also offering a limited version (edition of 120) which includes […]

Gregory Euclide Book from David B. Smith Gallery

Wow, this is a beautiful presentation of Gregory Euclide’s work. His new book is 9″ x 13″, hardcover, has an edition of 500, and costs $70. Get one at DavidBSmithGallery.com. Gregory Euclide | David B. Smith | Book from David B. Smith on Vimeo.

Series 3 Chubby Books at Pinkghost

If you’ve never picked up one of Pinkghost’s Chubby Books before, you’ve gotta get one, they rule. The new series includes entries by Kukula, Danny Brito, and Allison Cole. They’re 6″ x 6″ hardcovers, have lined and sketch pages, include 10 postcards, and cost $21.95 each. Visit Pinkghost.com.

“Gig Posters Volume 2″ Book Preorder

Gigposters.com just opened preorders on their second book, the first one was great. Volume 2 features 101 more full-color poster artist profiles and 101 tear-out posters. You also get one of four 10″ x 13″ art prints by Landland. Preorder now for $40 at Gigposters.com.

Lots of New Stuff from Angryblue

Angryblue just posted a ton of new items to his site including posters for The Decemberists, a Torche poster, art prints, and a book. Everything is screenprinted, limited, and inexpensive. Visit Angryblue.com.

Nigel Peake Book and Letterpress Bookmark at Tiny Showcase

Tiny Showcase is switching things up a bit this week, offering a new art book and bookmark by Nigel Peake. “In The Wilds” is 6″ x 8″, hardcover, and has 136 pages. You also get a letterpress bookmark. The package is only $22 at TinyShowcase.com.

The Megabolt Charity Sketchbook Project – Artist Series Book 3 by Jorge Ortiz (Onsale Info)

Keeping their original idea rolling, Megabolt will release a new charity sketchbook by Jorge Ortiz today. For titling purposes, this is actually Artist Series No. 1, Book 3 of 7 (there are still a few copies of Adam Smith’s book left too). It’s a 3.5″ x 5″ sketchbook, has an edition of 50, and will […]

The Megabolt Charity Sketchbook Project – Artist Series Book 2 by Adam Smith (Onsale Info)

Taking their original idea even further, Megabolt is offering a brand new sketchbook by Adam Smith (plus some help from his family friend Harrison Kopp). For titling purposes, this is actually Artist Series No. 1, Book 2 of 7. It’s a 3.5″ x 5″ sketchbook, has an edition of 50, and will cost $12. Like […]

“Atlas 2″ Handmade Art Book

Artist Isaac Bidwell published this cool handmade art book featuring the work of 20 different artists. It’s hand-stitched, comes with two letterpress prints, and costs only $15. Check out his shop.

Book and Print Set by Jo Dery at Tiny Showcase

Tiny Showcase is offering up a mini art book and art print by Jo Dery this week. The “Living Things Series Volume 2″ is 5.8″ x 9″, the “Lemur in a Tree” print fits inside it. 100 were made available for $25, visit TinyShowcase.com.

“Animal Love Summer” Special Edition Book and Print by Marion Peck (Onsale Info)

Porterhouse Art will sell this beautiful special edition of Marion Peck’s new monograph later today. “Animal Love Summer” is a 9.25″ x 11.75″ hardcover book, has 128 pages, includes an 8″ x 10″ giclee, was produced in an edition of 250, and will cost $195. It goes up today (Thursday, March 24th) at 8am Pacific […]

Emek Special Edition Laser-Etched Books (Onsale Info)

Emek will be selling some of the limited edition, laser-etched versions of his book tomorrow. It’s the same as the regular edition, except with the lasered cover, a foil art print, and a signed/numbered/doodled edition of 300.  These cost $150 and go up tomorrow (Wednesday, March 9th) at 6pm Pacific Time. Visit the Store/Info tab […]