We Have Moved to Facebook!!!

After many, many years on WordPress, we have decided to move to Facebook. We want to thank everyone for their continued support in this change. Artists and galleries, please email as usual for coverage. For updates, please like/follow us at Facebook.com/therealomgposters.


3 Responses to “We Have Moved to Facebook!!!”

  1. Hi, I think it is unfortunate that you have moved to facebook only. Facebook is a very toxic place (even in the poster community). I actually left facebook completely several months ago due to abuse i was receiving for merely commenting on discussions within the mondo trader community specifically. People on facebook (and social media in general) are not tolerant to opposing ideas, no matter how mild and innocuous they are. This wordpress site has been great over the years because it relieves the reader of being exposed to unnecessary hatred. Please consider posting on both. Thank you.

  2. This is really disappointing. I have deleted my Facebook account, and I won’t be following you there. As the other poster mentioned, it is a toxic place and is not a place for anyone who even remotely values their personal information. I wish you well, but I hope a day comes where you will not exclusively post to Facebook.

  3. Facebook is a toxic, intolerant place with censorship and privacy invasion, why did you do that? I think you will lost many readers thanks to this move.

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