“RESIST” Art Print by David M. Brinley (Onsale Info)

New print publisher Neon Eye (from the people that brought you Lady Lazarus) will debut their first release today, “RESIST” by David M. Brinley. It’s a 24″ x 34″ twenty-four color screenprint with an edition of 110. It goes up today (Thursday, May 17th) at 1pm Central Time. Visit Neon-Eye.com.

David M Brinley

2 Responses to ““RESIST” Art Print by David M. Brinley (Onsale Info)”

  1. don’t like this because actually this isn’t very appropriate. the naming “resist ” is completly wrong in relating to the original artwork and the enlist th world war I….may it can be seen in artificial way but to me it isn’t worth the printing, you could change the brutal german monkey to an brutal chinese panda-bear or an brutal american gorilla with blond hair and an red tie……..this poster makes no sense in different ways

  2. …at least the artist had to clear out the german “Pickelhaube” so the face of the monkey could be mentioned as POTUS or at least change the hat to the american top hat of uncle sam….just my thoughts to this

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