Mondo Black Friday Flat File Sale

For the first time ever, Mondo will host an online flat file sale on Black Friday. They’ll be rolling out over 400 different posters from the past, all sold at original retail price. This starts Friday, November 27th at 10am Central Time. There are some FAQs here. Visit


5 Responses to “Mondo Black Friday Flat File Sale”

  1. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? Or shopped at something like this? It sounds like it will be a complete shit show of trying to sort through 400 different prints of only a few copies.

    This is going to be a digital melee isn’t it?

  2. Postersandtoys has done something like this in past years. It is a shit show as you say. Good luck, my friend!

  3. What’s going to break first – the site, the internet or my wallet? Hmmmm….

  4. Once again, the moment the site is live, items are sold out. That tells me someone at Mondo is giving out the links prior to the drop and/or bots. To take care of the bots, Mondo need implement captcha phrase. Also, I have been able to guess a link and refresh and have the item pop up before the drop and checkout. Since the admin of this site, works and/or deals directly with Mondo…can something be done about this or do you guys just not care?

  5. Bots had them all before it even went live…because I got in before it went on Twitter

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