“Labor Day BBQ (With Shitting Dog)” Art Print by Ryan Duggan

The seventh entry in Ryan Duggan’s “Treasury of Shitting Dogs” takes on an upcoming summer holiday. “Labor Day BBQ (With Shitting Dog)” is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 45, and costs $45. Visit his shop.

Ryan Duggan

6 Responses to ““Labor Day BBQ (With Shitting Dog)” Art Print by Ryan Duggan”

  1. is this art or is it garbage??? technically its crap….45$ never. a shitting dog is the last thing i would put to my walls

  2. Pedro, would you consider it if I printed it on that hideous foil paper?

  3. Pedro dont know squat!

  4. ok…its street art, if you would spray with stencils, maybe,foil wouldn’t work. to me you should test an improve your skills in screenprinting, layering colors, transparent colors, i woluld like to see a shitting dog series postcards or tiny prints mybe 1 or 2 colors….whatever

  5. I think it’s quite funny!

  6. Pedro, I think you are being unfairly dismissive of Ryan’s work. Calling it garbage is a strong statement. If you check out Ryan’s website and look at his other works, you will notice that he has a distinct style that consistently carries through all of them. One thing that stands out to me is Ryan’s obvious sense of humor, which is apparent in his asking you if a foil variant would be more to your liking. I don’t know what your expectations are when it comes to art, but calling out an artist in such a way seems like trolling to me.

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