Help Poster Collector Jonathan Reynolds Fight Cancer

It’s always so heartbreaking to receive emails like this, especially near the holidays. Poster collectors Jonathan Reynolds and his wife Alison recently found out that Jonathan has stage IV rectal cancer. It came completely out of nowhere without symptoms or family history. On top of that, they’ve been dropped by their insurance company, making the medical bills an almost insurmountable challenge. If you can give them something, anything, please do, as they’re long-standing members of many of the poster forums. Visit his donation page at


4 Responses to “Help Poster Collector Jonathan Reynolds Fight Cancer”

  1. This is really sad to hear, especially because the insurance companies are so disgusting denying people coverage. You think your doing the right thing paying premiums and then they drop you. The health care system in this country is a joke.

  2. Sad news from our little community. He and his family will definitely be in my thoughts. With all the frivolous crap we all spend money on, we should all take a a minute and at least donate a little to something that matters.

  3. Cancer SUCKS!!!
    Stay strong Jonathan!

  4. Thank you everyone for you kind words and donations. I’ve made a thread on expressobeans about this here: and will be doing a raffle and/or auction in January and will update with links and more info once it’s live! We both appreciate all of this support so much.

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