Randy Ortiz’s Work for Focal Dystonia at Bottleneck Gallery

I’ll be the first to admit that in the past, I really haven’t been a fan of Bottleneck Gallery’s pop culture art shows, which is why I’ve hesitated to cover them here. However, they’ve moved away from that scene for their new show and some of the work is extraordinary. Focal Dystonia, which opens tonight in NYC, features new art by Randy Ortiz, Justin Anville, Scarecrowoven, and Alex Kirzhner. All of the artists have submitted some great pieces, but I wanted to focus on the contributions of Randy Ortiz. What Randy has done here is something that you don’t see often, he has resoundingly transcended his past work and, possibly, the poster scene as a whole. With his first substantial gallery opportunity, he has shown the skill and aesthetic sense to compete with not only poster artists turned gallery artists, but even seasoned exhibition veterans. And he accomplished this by leaving his already established and popular style behind and trying something brand new. I rarely write long passages like this, but I wanted to take time to salute a truly impressive effort. Hats off, Randy. To those lucky enough to be in NYC, do yourself a favor, head out to the show tonight. Everyone else, these prints will be available soon at BottleneckGallery.com.

Randy Ortiz

Randy Ortiz

Randy Ortiz

Randy Ortiz

Focal Dystonia

9 Responses to “Randy Ortiz’s Work for Focal Dystonia at Bottleneck Gallery”

  1. Agreed, His set his just bold and awesome, taking the risk to show fully new work and has made the best use of this exhibition.

  2. Wow, it’s pretty amazing when you look at his past work just how different this is. It’s great to see an artist reinvent themselves in this way. I like it all, but I love the first piece!

  3. These look amazing, really well done. Really want the first one

  4. Well said Mitch- Randy really is doing amazing stuff, he has been slaying it with his recent works. I’ve been a fan of pretty much everything he’s put out, but this new set of work is a nice change of pace. Keep on Keepin’ on Randy!

  5. Absolutely loving Randy’s work for this show. Really something else.

  6. Thanks Mitch! Seriously, I have no idea what to say haha. This means a hell of a lot to me, so thanks for the kind words and support, homie!

  7. Absolutely stunning!

  8. This is high-end, bold conceptional work done in a minimalist style. This is what Fine Art looks like.

  9. These are really incredible. It’s awesome to see Randy expanding into work like this. Really, really rad stuff!

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