Shaun of the Dead Poster by Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)

It’s the big day, Mondo will sell Tyler Stout’s new poster for Shaun of the Dead today. This is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 710, and will cost $60. The variant has an edition of 300 and will cost $110. These go up today (Thursday, August 22nd) at a random time. Visit

Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout

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  1. First time experiencing the multiple drop for mondo. Very frustrating when you are on the site when the poster drops, go through entire check out, says out of stock. However, you go back to the site and see it available again.

    Why the change Mitch? Who does it help?

  2. It is good to see that Mondo has still not made things easier. Yes, maybe two open editions. Still no “one” click checkout. But this is and always will be a joke. Sold out before the 1st tweet. Numerous of redirects for no reason. Limited edition run…so the secondary market can make a killing. Makes me sad that I can not own a really awesome print for a really awesome movie that I loved. Maybe Mitch will have a heart and sell me his. Ha, that shit will never happen. Does anyone else wonder if the employees get their own copies without going thru this crap? It does make me wonder how much their personal collection is worth considering they each get a copy of each print released and that includes variants.

  3. 1 can be yours for just $350!

    How Annoying…

  4. Why are you complaining, Shawn? It’s a level playing field – all of us are getting bumped around the checkout during the drop. Some score, others don’t. I missed SOTD today, but will get something hot in the future. At least it doesn’t drag out like sites where the prints go in and out of carts for hours. Here you know if you have the print or not within 5 minutes.

    Also, the secondary market is half the reason Mondo sells out of everything they print. They realize this and do what they can to keep it alive and kicking while releasing a ton of product. They’re a collectibles business. If every print they released was like the time limited Man of Steel, they would kill their own market.

  5. BC: Prior to the bouncing around, you knew you had the print in 5 minutes. The bouncing made nothing better than give people who aren’t F5’n a chance at a poster. Or a flipper a second chance for a poster.

  6. *sigh* I am super sad that I did not know about this drop until now…

  7. They would not kill their own market. How many Superman prints were printed? 5K. That is not killing the market. So, you would rather sell 700 of one item instead of 5K. That is bad business. Here is the solution, keep the variants rare and the regular editions open. Simple as that. There are more than 700 fans of SOTD. 10% at the most gets flipped back on ebay.

    Here is another complaint. How is it that World’s End is 1/4 to 1/2 less in price and half in print run numbers compared to Stout’s “Shaun?” Same film company, same actors, same director, same film series, same printing company, same size paper, and almost the same amount of the colors so the set up cost is the same. The only difference is the artist. The artist are paid by prints and not money. So, that is not the reason. The only reason I can see is because of the secondary market value. I wonder if Mondo sets their price based on the perceived secondary market instead of based on cost.

  8. I am responding to Shawn:

    1. It’s their posters, Mondo made the hobby of collecting modern, re-imagined film art popular in the first place. They can do what they like. And they promised fans a long time ago that they would not continue to increase run sizes to the point that they are no longer considered limited. A timed run is the definition of not limited. And this hobby stays relevant because things are limited.

    2. Stout is a more in demand artist, and can charge a higher rate / demand a higher percentage of the run than other artists. Therefore, his prints cost more to start, regardless of other sunk costs such as ink and paper and printing costs.

    3. If you like the print so much, pony up the 200-250 and buy it off eBay like everyone else.

  9. One last point: once you realize that you cannot own everything, this hobby becomes a lot more fun. You start making choices, selling prints you don’t really want to sell to acquire others that you want more. And then the art becomes all the more valuable to you because of the work and time you put into acquire it.

  10. Shawn, c’mon, we’ve heard this stuff from you a number of times. We get it.

  11. Shawn, I’m 100% with you. What you say makes sense. But part of Mondo’s whole business model is if everyone can get it then it’s not special. They want the secondary prices to explode, it keeps them special. Part of the secret about print collecting is that it isn’t meant for everyone. They don’t do it for the fan of the movie, a regular fan can’t camp out a website at 10am on a Thursday. And you’re right when you say any movie has more fans than a 700 print run can accommodate.

    One of the reasons that Mondo must get the secondary market so high is because they do not pay their artists a lot of money. But part of the contract is that the artists get artists proofs to sell at whatever price they want. So if their Mondo release shoots up in value, the payday for the artists prints is much much higher and it makes up for the lack of payment from Mondo. I’ve talked to some of the artists about it. Its true for most of the print houses actually.

    Also no amount of bitching about it will do anything. I repeat, no amount of bitching with do anything. Personally I don’t mind too much because I seem to have luck flipping these.

  12. Also, this commenting got me thinking so I did a price comparison of Stouts work in 2013. Using expressobeans eBay tracking and a 6 month average on sales this is what it showed. (I don’t know if the graph will show right.

    Mondo Cost Ebay Sold Difference
    Shaun $60 $230.41 12 $2,044.92
    Shaun Var. $110 $307.85 7 $1,384.95
    Django $60 $250.24 129 $24,540.96
    Django Var. $110 $375.73 36 $9,566.28
    Django Wood$200 $848.14 9 $5,833.26
    Drive $60 $135.13 90 $6,761.70
    Drive Var. $110 $177.94 38 $2,581.72
    Drive Metal $200 $748.33 6 $3,289.98
    Attack_block $60 $92.74 100 $3,274.00
    Attack_b Var. $110 $166.01 30 $1,680.30
    Drive Blu $60 $174.55 122 $13,975.10
    Drive Blu Var $110 $206.86 53 $5,133.58
    Drive Blu Met $300 $808.08 7 $4,064.64

    Either way what the numbers show is a earnings lost of $84,131.39 so far.

  13. @admin, how come you guys have not fixed the problem? All you do is come up with snark response but never come up with the answer. It has been a long time since I stated a gripe. Guess what, nothing has changed. How come Mondo’s site has so many redirects? Why not a one click pay now button? Why not a open regular timed edition print? (Keep the variants limited). Why do you guys want to miss out on all the extra money you guys could be making? I know you do not have to answer those question, but would be nice. You, yourself have stated that you base prices on the secondary market when you sell stuff on the P&T site. This was true when you sold all those “found” Mondo rare prints. The secondary market that you guys create.


    1. A timed run is limited due the fact that it is by it’s definition. Variants can be set at limited number. Best of both worlds. Those who get into the hobby after the fact, will support the secondary market. So, again…the timed run is not an issue.

    2. All artists get paid the same set % of prints. You can tell this by the numbers of APs they release and do the math. It is all the same.

    3. I am not going pay to that price.

    4. I do not want to own everything, nor have I stated such. Just want a fair shot for myself and others. The last set of posters I bought was from the Grammys. I bought those that I wanted.

    So, keep the regulars as a timed edition, variants limited and so are APs. The collectors will be happy with a chance at those two. The causal buyer will be happy getting the timed edition without hassle. Mondo will make more money and still maintain “integrity”. The flippers would be pissed…but that is okay. In the future, the secondary market will be supported by those getting into the hobby as newbies and those flipping the variants/APs.

    The same thing happened to the vinyl community. ISIS/Sunn0)))/Converge/ and others are prime examples. They did the limited vinyl run. Saw the secondary market explode. Realized that they could make money on it instead of the flippers and adjusted accordingly by keeping colors rare and black vinyl more produced in numbers. Some even make the black vinyl rare…which was fun. There were even 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc pressings. Integrity was still intact and everyone was happy. Flippers could flip the colors, those who just wanted the music to play on the player were happy and collectors could collect every version of that one release.

    @Flip, I agree with you. As for the artist paid…what did Ansin get for Superman? Prints or money. I am assuming money at $1 to $5 per print for the timed edition. That would be $5K to $25K for his work that he copied off of Alex Ross. That is a good payday by any means for a timed edition. You forgot to mention that those who run Mondo get to keep one version of every print (that we pay for) and their collection keeps on going up and up in value as long as they keep things limited. It is a better investment than the stock market.

  14. I’m so sick of hearing people bitch – you didn’t get the print you wanted. Wah!

    Guess what, neither did I, but I’m not an entitled whiner who feels I deserve to get everything I want.

  15. You’re saying that the folks that help pull together these posters aren’t entitled to a copy for themselves? Quit being so daft.

  16. I honestly think the double drop has made it easier for the flippers using scripted purchasing software (bots) and had had a negative impact on humans competing against them. at least thats the perception I get. It’s the same individuals claiming success drop after drop and I don’t thing luck has much to do with it.

  17. @Shawn

    There’s nothing wrong with doing the occasional time limited or open edition piece, but when you start doing that on a regular basis, your item loses exclusivity and goes down the same road that baseball cards, comic books, beanie babies, pogs, and damn near every other ‘collectible’ inevitably follows. I’m amazed they’ve been able to restrain themselves from letting the presses run this long. The moment they do, they become another

  18. There’s no “scripted purchase bots” or super-secret programs that are going to expedite checkout on Mondo.

    I’m a computer programmer for a large internet retailer and I assure that the way Mondo is setup it’s not possible.

    Even if you used an automated program to add items to your cart and go through checkout, you still have to go through checkout and wait for the pages to load, which is what takes up the vast majority of the time.

  19. Some of you complainers are fickle. Why aren’t you griping about the Vania Grandmaster poster drop?

    Zero comments in Friday’s Mondo article here, because these whiners only care about milking a cash cow. All they see is dollar signs, and when a print isn’t instantly flippable they suddenly have absolutely nothing to say.

  20. Lots. Of. Sour. Grapes! Plenty more posters in the to be had!

  21. I agree with Shawn. Mondo could absolutely streamline their checkout process to just one screen. There is no need to go through three separate screens before finally making your purchase. It just slows everything down. I camped out on the site, and still didn’t make it to the screen to enter my card info before getting the out of stock screen. And I tried for a few minutes after. I typically get a print each time I try, but this drop really upset me. No way I can now afford to pay 300-500 dollars for it on ebay. How do sellers justify asking 500 for a regular when the cast signed regulars are going for just as much? If I am going to pay that much I would obviously choose the one signed by the cast. I understand it drives the market and may be beneficial for the artist(s), but some of the behavior of flippers I have witnessed with my own eyes is just abhorrent.

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