Miles Tsang’s Cannibal Corpse Poster

Another week, another mind-blowing poster from Miles Tsang. This one’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and costs $25. Visit his shop.

Miles Tsang

12 Responses to “Miles Tsang’s Cannibal Corpse Poster”

  1. This guys stuff is unreal… Amazing work.

  2. Wow. This poster is killing my mind right now. Great work, also, loved watching that video.

  3. Miles is a good follow on dribbble. It’s cool to see his initial sketches vs. the final product

  4. fuck…me…


  6. Yes! Love this one Miles!
    And I agree with Ryan:

  7. This is sick!

  8. I’ve been consistently impressed with miles work, video is great too.

  9. daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

  10. phenomenal

  11. amazing

  12. Insane! I had to pick this up seeing as they’re my favourite band. His process documentation is impressive, too.

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