Bucketlist Map – A Pretty Great Kickstarter Project

I rarely post Kickstarter projects, but I really like this one. Simon from Worldmaps is in the process of creating a brand new, illustrated world map, the Bucketlist Map. It will feature some of Earth’s greatest highlights, all drawn by hand. For $35, you get a copy (22″ x 38″ on heavy paper) of the print, and there a bunch of other levels. Visit Kickstarter.com.

Bucketlist Map

8 Responses to “Bucketlist Map – A Pretty Great Kickstarter Project”

  1. It looks like he misspelled Kenya.

  2. Does that say “KENIA”? Whoops.

  3. You spotted it right! We will definitely fix that, thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Kenia is e land in Afrika, aon d’n Indischen Oceaan, wat grens aon Somalië, Ethiopië, Zuud-Soedan, Oeganda en Tanzania. Ouch ligk ‘t aon ‘t Victoriameer. Hoofstad is Nairobi. Kenia is in verglieking mèt zien naoberlen e welvaorend land.

  5. “We’re German, we’ve got beards, and we’re making maps awesome again!”

  6. These maps are being made by a German cartographer in Berlin, and he is using the German spelling.

  7. OK, but it doesn’t look anything else on any of the posters uses the German spelling.

  8. When will the Bucketlist Map be coming out? I would love to buy a copy when it is done! Thanks

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