“Universal Personhood” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Here’s another must-grab art print release from Shepard Fairey. “Universal Personhood” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $45. These go up Tuesday, June 4th at a random time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

Shepard Fairey

19 Responses to ““Universal Personhood” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. This looks really bad compared to all the ones that are featured today on this site.

  2. Is there any story to this print? I disagree that it looks “really bad”, but I find Shepard’s leveraging of muslim and arabic culture as “forward” material is tiresome.

    I miss the old days of surveillance and punk rock imagery. I felt like he had much more of a voice then. The subject matter now feels a bit like white guilt as art.

  3. Must grab? Not a chance. I don’t even mean to sound like a hater (even though this will) but this dude has been putting the same thing out for like a decade. It’s TIRED!

  4. Must flip. – E

  5. As an Arab it’s kind of weird seeing his mix of Arab cultural items and white European looking people. I know that some middle eastern people look like this but not the majority.

    And this print is the most uninspiring thing ever

  6. the amount of hate is amazing. First day in nyc over 80 degrees and seems like people drank HATEORADE. SMH

    MATTB-Im colombian and look Arab-
    Breandan-ALL ARTIST put the same style out throughout their life- you want more than 2 flavors -“Baskin Robins 31 flavors”
    KONDEF-He is one of the few “americans” that promotes the middle east in a good way through art.
    Shawn- What was the last print you bought?

  7. Look ma no hands!

  8. Boring

  9. “White guilt as art…” I like that

  10. Any of you haters can help me out and poster buddy me?

  11. Seems like he has become a spokesperson for his wife. Nothing but pretty butterflies, peace doves, multicultural women, lending his name
    to every cause and kickstarter project that gets succes. sfully funded in a day. You can’t bring peace with some prints.

  12. It’s ironic that a print about peace is bringing up the old knee jerk accusations of “hate,” even though nobody actually said they hated it. You can’t even express an opinion these days without somebody shouting, “Hater!!! Hater!!! Hate hate hate!!!”

    Not every differing or dissenting opinion is an expression of hatred. When you call everything “hate” and everyone a “hater,” the words will eventually become meaningless. There is real hatred and hate speech out there in the world, but if you think this thread is an example of it then you need to open your eyes. Saying you prefer other prints to this one or that you feel it is uninspired? That is not hate speech. Let’s approach the exchange of ideas and opinions with just an ounce of perspective, shall we?

    End of rant.

  13. Looks like a thin version of Queen Latifah in Ladies First video.

  14. @andreas…I think it was the Tom Whalen’s Decepticon Jets.

  15. @andreas, Out of all these that are on the current page featuring this print, please tell which one looks worse than this.

  16. Well, there aren’t any hands, so it’s got that going for it. But yes, this is pretty ho-hum boring, a played out theme and, worst of all, not visually appealing, at least not to my eye.

  17. @dylansdad. “Hate” and “hater” are not the same thing. It’s slang. Stop hating. 😉

  18. Peace, Love and Obey

  19. It’s tough to be an angry teenager forever. Every now and then he still knocks one out of the park but this isn’t one of them. Still I do respect the fact that he puts his money where his mouth is and backs causes he believes in. Dude donates a lot of money time and energy which is more then most of us do. Maybe he wont change the world but hes doing more then his part which is more then I can say. That being said please do a new old school obey print.

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