“The ACME Corporation” Poster by Rob Loukotka (Onsale Info)

After making an absolute mint on Kickstarter with this brilliant Looney-Tunes-inspired print, Rob Loukotka will sell a few extra copies and APs tomorrow. “The ACME Corporation” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 3400 (almost all have sold already), and will cost $40. There will also be AP copies (edition of 260) for $45 and a copper version (edition of 270) for $50. They all go up tomorrow (Thursday, May 2nd) at 12pm Central Time. Visit his shop.

ACME Corporation

ACME Corporation

2 Responses to ““The ACME Corporation” Poster by Rob Loukotka (Onsale Info)”

  1. I kinda like this. It’s almost great, but there’s something about the type and composition that’s just… not quite there? I don’t know.

    The copper version, with it’s diagonal gradient works much better (not that the red one is bad).

    If you’re a Road Runner fan—it’s well worth it.

  2. I’m a inventor and I like the ACME corporation poster.
    As to ACME wacky gadgets. I was very disappointed they sold out.
    The copper one was the best I do feel the price should be the same as the
    Red one.
    As for me I wish it was more like the ACME blue prints.
    Blue with white writing I feel this look better .
    And keep the price at $30. Mark also don’t make a limited number.
    That’s about it thank you for your time on this subject.
    G Nicholas

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