Aaron Horkey’s Sigur Ros Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

Some copies of Aaron Horkey’s Sigur Ros poster will go up for sale tomorrow. It’s an 11″ x 39″ screenprint, has an edition of 338 (much, much less online), and will cost $65. These go up tomorrow (Friday, April 19th) at a random time in the afternoon (Central Time). Visit Postersandtoys.com.

Aaron Horkey

11 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Sigur Ros Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)”

  1. There comes the most anticipated release of the last couple of months! Good luck everyone, i fear i´ll loose the fight again but i´ll try! Awesome poster! Thanks Aaron and Mitch!

  2. Putting out an APB for a PB to aid in my pursuit of this beauty

  3. How many is “much, much less?”

  4. Someone said 50 on eb, hope atleast double. Where’s the art print I thought we were going to get

  5. Looks like this is the third poster I’ll be missing on Friday. I need to clone myself.

  6. dang ‘random time’ – ugh

  7. A random time in the afternoon… at least it’s not completely void of clues. Either way, it’s a killer print, I managed to capture one, at an inflated cost.

    Odd that the header says (AP)’s–Canis Dirus did too, neither were the true AP.

    Good luck to all, I have to close tomorrow. I write my own schedule and still never have the perk of catching drops….

  8. “Artist Copies” doesn’t mean the same thing as “AP.”

    The artist gets a batch of the regular run to sell, which is what these are. Part of the run of 338.

  9. Yeah, the thought popped in my head earlier as I sent the reply. Thanks for clarifying.

  10. what are all these crazy terminologies like ISO, AP, flip, etc?

    sorry to be such a noob.

    I recently got into collecting and am pretty embarrassed to be asking this.

  11. Alas, another embellished paper good comes & goes in the blink of an eye. At least there’s food on the table, right? Reason enough to be cheerful.

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