Exclusive Premier: Aaron Horkey’s Sigur Rós Poster

Here’s a first look at Aaron Horkey’s poster for the upcoming Sigur Rós show in Minnesota. It’s an 11″ x 39″ screenprint with metallic ink. It’ll first be available at the show tomorrow, then some copies will be sold online eventually (and even later than that, an art print version will surface). Make it to the show if you can, it’s always the safest bet (there are still tickets available). Enjoy!

Aaron Horkey

19 Responses to “Exclusive Premier: Aaron Horkey’s Sigur Rós Poster”

  1. stunning!!!

  2. Art print too ! Great news .

  3. This may be the first time I wished I was in Minneapolis instead of Maui. What a gorgeous print!

  4. Blown away..

  5. This makes me so sad. i have zero to no chance of getting this being in Australia, and it’s so very beautiful, and for one of my favourite bands too. sigh. Lovely Mr. Horkey.

  6. Wow, insanity!!

  7. Looks fantastic! An art print as well coming!

  8. Wow. Just wow.

  9. So strange and so beautiful

  10. Amazingly beautiful!

  11. A frame will be purchased for this immediately!

  12. – This is insanity!
    – No, it’s Horkey.

  13. Really beautiful print.

  14. Poster of the year?

  15. If anyone is willing to poster buddy please email me at nicolasseth@gmail.com

  16. Don’t worry Nic, I’ve added you to my spamming circles.

  17. this is spectacular Aaron, Ben & Mitch

  18. Did anyone get one of these at the show? Arrived at 7:45 and they were gone : ( Any details on where to purchse one would be much appriciated.

  19. @ Ryan

    Pretty sure omgposters.com will post up when P&T will sell them. I can tell you the stack of prints sold at the show was at least 2+ inches thick. Not sure how many prints but I saw numbers as low as 160 and as high as 270. Might be worth following what Nic did above.

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