“God Saves & Satan Invests” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey has decided to use his new art print to comment on the current gun controversy in America (you can read his stance on his website). “God Saves & Satan Exists” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $50. It goes up Tuesday, April 2nd at a random time between 10am-12pm Pacific Time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

Shepard Fairey

24 Responses to ““God Saves & Satan Invests” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. I wish Shepard didn’t jump on the “Evil of guns” bandwagon. Why not draft up this print years ago? High capacity magazines ban will just create more crime. Think about the Black market, houses broken into to seek them from responsible gun owners,prices jacked up and stirring more robberies etc. I personally don’t own any arms, but respect those who do. He is almost like the Pirece Morgan of the street art world.

  2. I do not like is stance, so I am trying my hardest to get this…flip it and then buy ammo with the extra money I make. His stance is idiotic. You sometimes need more than three rounds to take down intruders.

  3. Lately so many Obey prints have Mr. Fairey’s silly opinionated slogans on them. It’s a shame. I like the imagery, but I dislike the messages (or at least how they are displayed in the art). 🙁

  4. Here we go again. Art = Expression. Not sure why so many haters fail to understand this and are obsessed with this artist in particular (presume it is because you really want to buy his art solely because it is popular, but you are conflicted because you don’t like when his “offensive” message is overtly expressed). John Lennon and Bob Dylan wrote anti-war songs. Ted Nugent is pro-gun and anti-government. Why is this any different? Either consume it or don’t, but your offense related to his right of expression are lame. As is your understanding of how guns are typically needed and used in this country. Try researching some facts before forming an opinion. It feels good.

    BTW, paying Shepard Fairey money for a pro gun control poster, for which proceeds go to a pro gun control cause, to then flip it and use the money to buy ammo is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. That’ll really show em!

  5. True, Shep could have stood up against assault weapons years ago, but I personally think it took guts to take a stand on the issue that is so deeply dividing in America. I also would say I am a constitutionalist and believe in the foundations of the constitution and if you know anything about the founding father they wrote the constitution in a way to protect the good of the people over the will of the individual while also protecting the individual right. But does an individuals right to carry a gun into a target because the constitution says he can supersede the right of everyone else to feel safe and assured that the man carrying it doesn’t have other motives. I just truly believe that every argument made pro gun is one of fantasy and disdain for human life. Yes people kill, but why make it easier and why disregard human life.

  6. shepard is done, the same shit over and over
    this print sux.

  7. He def flipped his wig this time. All creative ideas are exhausted. Seems he doesn’t have any left.

  8. Wow! People really hating Shep on the Facebook about this one. What a bunch of lamos and their guns. Just like when he posted about Travon Martin on Facebook. Crazy cooked hating paranoid conspiracy ass people out there. Makes me want this more. Looks tight!!!!

  9. If Shepard is strongly opposed to assault weapons, why have an Eazy E print in his collection? An known rapper who braggs about cutting people down with an AK47. Flip flop Shepard.

  10. @ Ricky
    Don’t start to Hate again and then apologize like the last Obey print you made a comments on. That EZ-E comment. Really? Fucking Lame! I grew up listening to EZ-E. so what?

  11. I apologized because I did go overboad and may have hurt some feelings in the process. Shep is just getting tired. His creativity has reached into some safe political abyss. Why now? Because the gun control measures are the hot topic? He does a print of Equality for all, and then does a Bad Brains print. HR who is an open homophobic person. See his pattern?

  12. Why are the gun nuts always more vocal than level-headed Americans? (*insert clever pun here)

  13. History has proven that gun bans don’t work. It’s a silly notion by simple minds who would rather legislate by emotion than do any critical thinking on the subject.

  14. Sheps a hack. Blows my mind that he is as successful as he is. It’s the same garbage recycled over and over that caters to his audience.

  15. Its not about gun nuts or amendment rights activists, but people sick and tired of being a Nanny country.

  16. Seh Granny inna kitchen a cook rice an chicken
    Di dread outta door, a cook ital stew
    Nuh trouble Granny, Granny neva trouble yu

  17. The reason for the 2A is that there is not a repeat of what happened in the UK all those long years ago. Not to be paranoid, but with Obama using drones to spy on US soil and gun restrictions, FBI wanting to spy (realtime) on emails, Fast and Furious mistake, and DHS ordering 1.6 billions rounds of ammunition (most of it is illegal during times of war according to a UN resolution and it is not “practice round” ammunition. That is why the”gun nuts” are raising their voices. They see from A to B to C. Law abiding gun owing citizens are not the problem. It is the ones that illegally get their hands on the the firearms…now that is the problem.

  18. Hm. He didn’t think about this one too much—that’s for sure. No matter. Some folks will buy it.

  19. I think team Obama got behind this. Convinced Shepard to brainwash the young hitler……I mean hipster youth. Remember Shepard lied and destroyed documents during his trial for ripping of the AP photographer. What makes you think he isn’t lying now about his statistics on the gun measure? Remember when his prints were fun and did mostly bands, objects and a few concert prints. Now its all to take part on his agenda. Remember verbal abuse is a form of domestic abuse…..LAX footage anyone?

  20. And Obama is Muslim right? And drones are gonna start bombing the US. And Shepard is a drone in the flesh. And I should be able to own rocket missiles to overthrow the government because this is all a big conspiracy to kill us!!! You guys are sick man. I just shake my head and think at where the humanity is in all of this mumbo jumbo.
    Remember when Shep??

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