Sigur Rós Posters by Alan Hynes

Alan Hynes did a number of posters for the current Sigur Rós tour, and they’re now up for sale. The MSG poster has an edition of 200 and costs $40, the Brixton Academy posters have editions of 300 and cost $30 each (or $75 for all three). They’re all 18″ x 24″ screenprints. Visit his shop.

Alan Hynes

Alan Hynes

Alan Hynes

Alan Hynes

7 Responses to “Sigur Rós Posters by Alan Hynes”

  1. Man, I REALLY don’t care for these at all. Sigur Ros rarely gets good prints. Emek, Dan Stiles, and Ken Taylor have all done 1 or 2 decent Sigur Ros prints…but that’s about it. Very excited and hopeful that this tour will produce some long-overdue gems.

  2. i love alan’s work.

  3. I agree, these are not for me. Great band, great show last night in Boston, odd prints.

  4. Congrats, Alan. Killer shit as always.

  5. 2 for, 2 against – I pretty much figured that would be the case with these images. In fact i still have a bit of a hard time reconciling these posters with the band myself. I did a large number of looks and concepts before we arrived at these, it was quite a struggle and It seems the band are actively trying to move away from past imagery and themes – They pushed me pretty hard to do so. You can read more about the process and see some of the rejected ideas here:

  6. 3 for
    I think the MSG one fits perfectly for Sigur Ros’s darker moments – looking forward to seeing my first Hynes in the flesh – as for previous posters for the band, i dig the Stiles and Ken’s but the Emek is way off for the band.

  7. Love the top one, the rest are a bit meh.

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