Kevin Tong’s “Sights Unseen” Book (Plus Entire Exhibition Online)

If you buy one thing this week, it should be Kevin Tong’s amazing new book, Sights Unseen. Documenting the original drawings and sketches shown in his current exhibition, it’s a 6″ x 9″ leatherette hardcover book, has an edition of 500, and costs $35. Get this, along with the new art print and many remaning drawings at

Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong

4 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s “Sights Unseen” Book (Plus Entire Exhibition Online)”

  1. Picking up that book now…

  2. John, aren’t you going to be at SXSW? I’ll just throw one at your head in person!

  3. Good to know you will have the books at sxsw

  4. Ha. Shit, well I should have asked. Good to know I threw away $13 on shipping…

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