Rich Kelly’s Django Unchained Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

Rich Kelly will sell copies of his Django Unchained poster tomorrow (the main edition was released by Mondo during the Oscars). It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has a small AP edition, and will cost $85. The variant will cost $110. These go up tomorrow (Friday, March 1st) at 11am Eastern Time. Visit his shop.

Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly

16 Responses to “Rich Kelly’s Django Unchained Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)”

  1. Holy crap, that is awesome.

  2. Bestest

  3. I think I like the regular edition the best…that green really pops!

  4. I do like the green on the regular as well. Also happy that these are not flipping for much, hopefully keep the ebayers away. Great poster!

  5. Really Nice

  6. Better than the Stout?

  7. It’s not a contest–but personally, I think so, yes. But that’s ultimately a matter of taste.

  8. Rich Kelly is the MAN.

  9. wtf! those sold out in less tha a minute!!!!

  10. Man, that was a fast sellout. I thought I had a shot cause of the earlier drop (I’m West Coast), but no love.

  11. I’m not sure that they’re sold out… I could never get it to cart, I tried and it said it was carted but then it didn’t do anything.

  12. same here!! it was sold out, than avaliable again, then sold out, but when was available i couldn’t add to my cart, some kind of error on the website!?

  13. That’s how it went for me as well.

  14. damn, that sux big time..

  15. Same here, oh well. Another one I’ll never get to frame and hang.

  16. Rich Kelly can do no wrong! I wasn’t digging any of the Django posters. But this was well thought out and designed. Plus Rich has a refreshing style that the copycats haven’t tried to steal yet. So awesome!

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