Giveaway: Win The Last Exorcism Part II Posters by Anonymous Ink & Idea

Ok folks, another big giveaway this week, this time it’s a new poster for The Last Exorcism Part II by Anonymous Ink & Idea. I’ve got two copies of the red and one copy of the green, so three lucky names will be chosen. These are both limited edition 24″ x 36″ screenprints. To enter, simply comment on this post. Please only comment once, I will be checking, and you will not win if multiple entries are found. If you don’t see your comment right away, please be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation. The winners will be announced sometime tomorrow (Thursday). Enjoy!

Using the random number generator at, the lucky numbers were determined to be 21, 145, and 171. Congratulations to Justin, Jesse, and Maozilla. You’ve been emailed! Thanks to everyone else for entering.

Anonymous Ink & Idea

Anonymous Ink & Idea

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  1. Thanks OMG!!!

  2. very cool of you to do a giveaway, Mitch!

  3. Maybe I’ll hang that in my kids bedroom.

  4. Hopefully movie is as cool and good as the poster is.

  5. Boom! Thanks Anonymous inks and Mitch!

  6. Love the site, would love to win!

  7. Entering for the exorcist giveaway! :-)

  8. Anonymous Rules. Yes Please!

  9. Creepy

  10. Want

  11. Is the “last exorcism: part 2” an oxymoron?

  12. Wow looks great! Thanks for the great giveaway Mitch!

  13. The Last Exorcism: Part II – Even Lastier than the last Last Exorcism

  14. what is better than free stuff

  15. Wow, I like!
    Where these available anywhere!? Didn’t read up on it.

  16. Free poster!? Why not?

  17. I’ll take it! Very appropriately creepy.

  18. This will definitely get me laid!

  19. The power of Christ compels me!

  20. Thanks for the contest!

  21. Ok, that red one really is looking great ! Love the feel !

    Thank you for the opportunity !

  22. Always wanted a print by Anonymous Ink & Idea, here’s my chance!

  23. AWESOME!

  24. Looks great!

  25. Very Haunting!I like it 😀

  26. Thanks for the offer!

  27. Feeling the red one! Thanks!

  28. I’m really feeling this one. Let it appear on my wall please. I’ll make space.

  29. Super sweet offer. Red edition is Rad.

  30. Thanks Mitch!

  31. Cool Posters!!

  32. The Power of Christ compels you!

  33. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. awesome! now to wait…..

  35. Me likey, thanks Mitch!

  36. Thanks for the giveaway guys!

    Very cool poster that I’d love to own!

  37. Nice

  38. I’ve wanted to grab an Anonymous Ink poster for a while now. Figners crossed. I kind of dig the green.

  39. Looks great. Thanks!

  40. Anonymous I & I never lets down!!!

  41. I need a hairdresser NOW !! (runs crazily up the wall)

    Excellent design as ever, keep up the good work.

  42. Can’t decide if I like the Red or the Green better.

  43. Wow… scary!

  44. joujou

  45. Rad poster

  46. Nice Giveaway! Green looks awesome!

  47. Spectacular!

  48. Come ooonnnnnnnn red one!

  49. This is beautifreaky.

  50. Would love to give one of these a new home!

  51. thanks for the shot at a free poster

  52. The first one freaked me out for a coulpe days hopefully this one I can see while I’m on my stayaction…

  53. Nice job guys!

  54. Giving it a shot. I’m actually going to see this tomorrow night!

  55. Let’s have a try.

  56. looks good

  57. I like the satanic red version. Thanks for the contest, Mitch.

  58. Wow, Anonymous Ink & Idea is putting out great stuff recently. Would love to win one of these.

  59. I like it! thanks Mitch!

  60. Thanks!

  61. Legend! Loving the free stuff mate

  62. pretty nice or :”Geiler Scheiß digga!”, like i told my friend, sitting next to me. Greetz from germany. Keep on doing!

  63. Cool

  64. She’s hot!

  65. Cool giveaway wow! Crossing fingers!

  66. Very nice indeed, would look great hanging on my walls

  67. Great, hope i win :)

  68. Crosses fingers

  69. Love these prints – fingers crossed!

  70. Big Money Big money No Whammies…………….. STOP!

  71. Hope I win! 😉

  72. May I be the lucky winner

  73. OMG is the best. Thanks so much for this.

  74. WoW. Thanks for this giveaway offer! Wish this happened more often. :::Sequester’d:::

  75. Thanks!!

  76. Awesome print!

  77. tacos

  78. Count me in!!!

  79. Awesome print

  80. Awesome, baby!!!

  81. Great print.

  82. Cool!

  83. That would be awesome! Really like the artwork! Count me in for a chance to win this!

    Thanks for this great opportunity! BIG THX!

  84. Wanna poster

  85. im all in for a free poster.

  86. Yay ! Top marks to Anonymous Ink & Idea…..

  87. Me, me, me!

  88. Relentlessly good!

  89. Gotta love free Exorcisms!!! Thanks, Mitch

  90. Awesome! Count me in.

  91. Loved the last one!

  92. Cool posters. Thanks for the giveaway Mitch!

  93. *crossingfingers* for this great print! Greetings from Germany and thanks for the giveaway!
    Regards, Hannah

  94. Great stuff!!

  95. the red version gave me a crazy flashback to a poster I remember from the 90’s. after searching around a bit, I realized it was ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ with Nick Cage.

  96. I want this because of reasons.

  97. nice

  98. Me wanty.

  99. Creepy!


  101. she looks so sexy when she’s possessed

  102. Very Nice in a creepy kind of way , thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Greta movie, awesome Silks!

  104. red version… amazing! me at the bottom… boo!

  105. Really liked the first movie, can’t wait to see the follow-up. This poster is really awesome.

  106. Love this blog. Thank you so much for the giveaway! It’s a great poster!

  107. Love this blog. Thank you so much for the giveaway. It is a great.

  108. The “Last” exorcism can’t have a part two.

  109. i love the original Exorcism that’s all……awesome prints love it….

  110. Loved the first film, love the poster

    So nice of you to do a giveaway!!!

  111. Awesome! Pick me! Pick me!!

  112. Absolutely wicked. One of these needs to be in the uk. Thanks awesome giveaway Mitch

  113. This poster is amazing…thanks for the opportunity to possibly win it!!!

  114. Thanks for chance to win Mitch!

  115. Ahoy-hoy.

    My name is William, not Braveheart.

  116. I loooooove horror movies!!!!!!!!

  117. Well, cool giveaway…now here comes the waiting game to see if Im lucky! :)


  119. I DIG!

  120. Oh so you dont want a fish sandwich?

  121. me wants!

  122. awesome as always man

  123. This is a kick ass print i really like looking into the eyes of evil

  124. Very nice. Looking forward to checking this out.

  125. Please let me win this damn print

  126. Super cool idea! Very nice poser and awesome giveaway!

  127. Thanks! :)

  128. Great Giveaway! Thanks

  129. Sweet poster, people.

  130. Pretty cool poster, I think I like the green version the most.
    Awesome giveaway!

  131. Cool!
    Thanks for the chance!

  132. This site has cost me hundreds of dollars…keep up the good work!!!

  133. Very Cool!!! Always a looser-maybe it will change tomorrow!!

  134. kinda creepy. i like em.

  135. I love screenprints! What a rad giveaway.

  136. Juuuuuuust Amzing Print! Super duper cool!

  137. Much love for Anonymous Ink and OMG!

  138. Well, isn’t that special …

    Thanks Mitch and AI&I!!

  139. Thanks for the contest! Cool posters.

  140. Thanks!

  141. Love the grey! Thanks

  142. Awesome poster!! Thanks for the give away offer

  143. Grey looks great and nice change since it seems like I have a LARGE collection of red and black posters 😀

  144. Heyoo

  145. yay contests

  146. aiiiite

  147. Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity, great prints.

  148. Thank you for the giveaway!

  149. cool. thanks!

  150. Nice image. Thank you for the giveaway!

  151. Look forward to seeing the film. Big fan of the genre.

  152. me want to win!

  153. love the poster!

  154. Cool print. Really liking the grey. That image is creeping me out though, I’ve seen that look before on an ex of mine!!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  155. Thanks for the giveaway! I always check the site whenever I’ve got posters on the brain!

  156. nice and creepy! would look good on the wall.

  157. I like them.

  158. I discovered this website not too long ago and I’m hoping to expand my collection of prints. Thanks and that’s cool you’re doing giveaways.

  159. “You may do that.” – E

  160. Hi thanks for giving these to me I having frames made as we speak

  161. This will look great next to the white walls! Yes please. :)

  162. Don’t H8 on me, but, this sucks!!

  163. Hope I’m not too late.

  164. Both the regular and variant is pretty good…

  165. Spooky!

  166. Sweet! Would look nice on my movie wall.

  167. Nice One, thanks for the game !!!!

  168. hmm!

  169. Awesome as always!

  170. Hmmm, like everybody else, I would loooove to win (:

  171. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  172. Would love to add to my collection…Thanks!

  173. Yeah! That would be awesome! Nice print! Count me in, please!

  174. Hope it’s not too late!!

  175. Way too scary for this dad! But sweet poster!

  176. here’s my comment I love this poster!

  177. Thanks for the opportunity- poster looks great!

  178. Comment

  179. What a birthday gift this would be! 26 today!

  180. I like green….

  181. Love it! love to add it to my collection!

  182. I like evil stuff.

  183. I would love any of those!

  184. Awesome, Thank you for the giveaway!

  185. BOOM, comment on post.

  186. wooot thanks!!!! OMG a poster

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