Argo Poster by VF Studio (Onsale Info)

To celebrate the release of Argo, VF Studio recreated the original CIA poster for the fictional film. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $55. There is also a variant which will be included with the first ten purchases, then randomly inserted in orders. These go up today (Friday, February 15th) at 12pm Eastern Time. It will be available for 36 hours. Visit



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  1. Just a heads up: that’s what they say on their website.

    *Timed release starts at 12:00 pm Eastern on Friday, February 22nd and ends at midnight on Saturday, February 23rd

    btw i really enjoy these posters, but i really don’t think they worth 55 bucks, way too expensive, 25U$ would be a nice spot.

    Even MONDO sell poster cheaper than that.

  2. I’m sure these are printed expertly, and it’s certainly good to see a film as good as Argo get plenty of poster treatment.

    … But I really wish the text/grapic here didn’t look like “Argoo”.

  3. to easy

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