Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Graveyard Poster and “The Siren” Art Print

If you’re around Minneapolis this Wednesday, you’ll want to head over to the Triple Rock Social Club to see Graveyard and buy this amazing new poster by Aaron Horkey (though not sure how many will be for sale). It’s a 20.5″ x 39″ screenprint with metallic inks. More information on the poster, and on “The Siren” (art print version), will follow (including online sale info). For now, enjoy!

Click the images to see them larger:

Aaron Horkey

Aaron Horkey

34 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Graveyard Poster and “The Siren” Art Print”

  1. Holy shit snacks!

  2. Insane. One of his best.

  3. Incredible ! Great to see an art print version too . I hope that continues with Aarons work . So much awesome .


  5. Snake ate the bird! Holy Snakes! Toughness!

  6. Aaron Horkey = Satan’s Finest.

  7. horkey’s a legend.

  8. Holy Shit is this print incredible, the logo on the bottle in the art print is mindblowing!!!

  9. Wow, wow, wow – Aaron”s work is stunning. I just don’t want this, I NEED this!

  10. Dear. Lord.

  11. wow, this is gorgeous. hope to get my hands on a copy of this!

  12. Dude never disappoints.

  13. Anyone want to poster buddy for me on this EPIC thing, I’ve got to get ahold of one of these! Will pay for the cost of your ticket too. I’M A DESPERATE MAN!


  14. Does this mean no more helmet birds? Does this image symbolize a shift in Aaron’s work? Does it mean nothing? Am I over thinking this?

    Whatever man – this print is great!

  15. There’s Horkey, & then there’s everyone else. Once again he’s setting the trend & leaving the others in his wake.

  16. WOW! Excellent as always Mr. Horkey! This is a great companion piece to the Graveyard song ‘The Siren’! I’ll be at the show tonight in Detroit. So stoked to see these Swedes again.

  17. Aaron is in his own league. Amazing.

  18. The Graveyard series was already great and then Mr. Horkey does a museum level piece. Raising the bar is an understatement. If God has a plan for humanity it is simply to see what Aaron Horkey will do in the next ten years.

  19. I wonder if other poster artists cringe with fear anytime they hear Horkey’s name lol.

  20. Wow. Beautiful poster for a damn fine band.

  21. Stopping by to pay my respect! I hope to own this.

  22. just… incredible – lost for words

  23. Another killer poster by Aaron.

  24. this is the best thing ever.

  25. So beautiful.. Can’t stop looking at it.

  26. Incredible. Love these.

  27. This might be his best yet, and I’m not saying that lightly. Just…wow.

  28. Hey if anyone is actually going to the show and can grab a poster, I’d reimburse you and pay you for your time. Thank you.


  29. Wish I lived remotely near Minneapolis. If anyone can pick up an extra, please reach out to me. http://twitter/annettish

  30. @ Anna Witt
    Very eloquently put.
    p/s Your recent poster for Corrections House was real nice as well.

  31. I love it when I see kick ass poster artists come in here and comment on other fellow artists!

    To me, that just shows how amazing Horkey is.

    Have fun at the show tonight to all that are going!!!

  32. These are gorgeous, and I’m hoping I’ll somehow be able to land one. Betting the chances will be slim, though. Would love to add another snake-themed poster to my (real) snake room.

  33. Absolutely stunning!!!

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