Three New Art Prints by Alex R. Kirzhner

Alex R. Kirzhner is offering some incredibly affordable, ultra-limited art prints right now. These are all mid-sized giclees, have editions of 50 or less, and cost $25-$30 each. Visit his shop.

NOTE: Because of my stupid, puritanical ‘no-nudity’ policy (watching out for your office workers), only one image is shown below. Click HERE to see the rest.

Alex Kirzhner

5 Responses to “Three New Art Prints by Alex R. Kirzhner”

  1. In ‘Tyrant’, is that supposed to be a wolf? – E

  2. …man thats ugly as hell, if this has something do do with “art” then i will quit drawing and printing

  3. your crazy rule is deeply appreciated. i love nekkid girls as much as the next girl but i hate that i can’t visit sites like juxtapoz without feeling that my labmates will think i’m pervy.

  4. I, personally, think the drawing shown here is beautiful. The marks and the varying line weights are great. Well done.

  5. I often use your site as inspiration during the work day and appreciate your puritanical policy. Thanks.

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