Poster Printing Kit from DIY Print Shop

DIY Print Shop put together these really cool kits to get your started printing posters (they also have a t-shirt kit). You get a press, everything you need to expose screens, some ink, paper, and more for $280. Check them out at

Print Kit

5 Responses to “Poster Printing Kit from DIY Print Shop”

  1. This is a really cool idea

  2. Hey guys thanks for the post! Matt B thanks for the praise man! We’re super excited about the GIG kits – we hope to bring more people into the rad GIG Poster community!

  3. Does it get you gigs too? All jokin aside, great idea.

  4. Look intio the crystal ball… I see a mess in your future 🙂

  5. That is awesome. Mitch, if I buy one and make some prints will you post about them? haha

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