Tarantino XX Print Set by Ken Taylor (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

You’ll get a shot at some AP copies of Ken Taylor’s Tarantino print set on Monday. The set includes a 24″ x 36″ twelve color screenprint and an 8.5″ x 37″ giclee. Both have AP editions of 40. The set will cost $125. These go up Monday, January 14th at 2pm Central Time. Visit Postersandtoys.com.

Click the second image to see it larger:

Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor

5 Responses to “Tarantino XX Print Set by Ken Taylor (Artist Copies Onsale Info)”

  1. Will these be signed? Thanks

  2. Fuck yeah. So worth it. I’m sure flippers will ruin it though 🙁 Watching Inglorious Bastards again this very moment

  3. Inglorious Bastards on tnt – me too – commercial break lol

  4. Are these signed?

  5. Wow, people already whining about flipping? Pure hilarity!

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